Blog Challenge Day #6

3 of my personality traits that I am proud of are:

  1. My sense of pride.  In myself, and in my family.
  2. My sense of humor. ¬†I can laugh at a lot. ¬†Some things that people are looking at me like, “what are you doing” kind of way and even at myself.
  3. My strength. I’ve had quite a few bumps in the road during my life and I just keep on going. ¬†I’ve learned that things happen for a reason and that if I didn’t accomplish something maybe something better was in the cards for me.

Blog challenge Day #5

My guilty pleasure

I’m pretty sure that no one will guess this but, my guilty pleasure is guava and cheese. ¬†It’s not something that I’ve had all that often, I can honestly say that it’s been about 3 years. ¬†I first had it in Puerto Rico when I was there for study abroad. ¬†Our house mom gave us paste de guayaba (guava paste) with slices of mild cheddar cheese that she had placed onto crackers. ¬†It was the best think I had ever had. ¬†Now I’m trying to find ways to get it in the states. ¬†Right now the closest I can get is my sister who cans and makes jams and jellies said she would make me some guava jelly. ¬†I’ll take what I can get!

Blog Challenge Day #4

Earliest childhood memory

My earliest childhood memory is from when I lived in a different town.  I remember having thanksgiving at my grandmothers house and there would be so many people that we would have to put up 4 or 5 tables both inside and out to hold everyone.  There were kids running around not sitting around watching tv, but running around in the street cause that’s what you did in the early 90’s.

Blog Challenge Day #3

Meaning of my Business name

I don’t actually have a business, so I’ll do my Blog name.

Home Town Girl Living in a Writer’s World.

I got this name literally from nowhere. I come from a small town, not as small as some that are around me, but we have a population of less than 5,000.  And we are all living in a writers world.  Because writing is in everything.

Blog Challenge Day #2

1. My birthday is April 30, 1985.

2. my favorite way to relax is to grab a book and go find a place to hide away.

3. A place on my travel bucket list is London. (and pretty much anywhere in Europe)

4. I didn’t own a game station until I turned 26.

5. My favorite video game is Super Mario Brothers.

6. My favorite color is emerald Green.

7. I’m a Taurus.

8. I have brown eyes… most of the time ūüôā

9. I hate olives.

10. My favorite animal are Owls.

11. I didn’t own a cell phone until I graduated from High School.

12. I’ve never been to Disneyland/world or to Universal Studios.

13. I have either visited or lived in 20 States in the United States.

14. I prefer white eggs over brown… Not sure why just do.

15. My ebook library holds over 4,000 books.

16. My dvd/blu-ray collections is over a 1,000 movies large… not counting tv seasons that I own.

17. My favorite childhood bedtime rhyme is actually in Spanish, because if you say it in English it doesn’t make sense.

18. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate and brownies from marble slab.

19. I have two levels… I either go into a store and buy nothing or I go in spending way too much.

20. My favorite food is Chinese.

Blog Challenge Day # 1

#1: Introduction.


My name is Tabitha Jeanett Adkins.
I’m single.
I have no kids {although I love taking care of my
5 year old nephew and look forward to my new
niece coming in September as well as all of
my other nieces and nephews}.
I’m from TX {South}
I am one of eight children I have five sisters and two brothers. (I’m #3!)
I live in The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Texas.
I am not very fashionable, I tend to just wear whatever is the most comfortable. (right now that is my VS Pink $35 shirt and leggings.)
But I still care about how I look.
I’m 5’1″ tall.
I’m slightly obsessed with grammar. (even though I can never find errors in my own work, I find it in other peoples.)
And spelling.
And editing in general.
{{But I will never judge you for doing something incorrectly}}
{{most of the time anyway}}
My favorite thing in the world is reading!
I’ve got more than a few favorites,
but right now my favorite authors are:
Abbi Glines
Aimee Carter
Cambria Hebert
Christine Feehan
JK Rowling
JR Ward
Michele Bardsley
Nicole Chase
PC & Kristin Cast
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Tammy Falkner
and probably so many more that I couldn’t write them all down.
I like laughing with my friends
Making up terrible puns
I couldn’t live without my iPhone
(I found this out during my vacation when our
service was so bad it wasn’t funny!)
I’m an avid learner,
I have an Associate’s in General Studies
and a Bachelor’s degree in History
and I’m waiting to see if I’ve been
accepted into the Masters program. (this will also be in History)
I love road trips,
geocaching and going to the mall.
I want to learn photography,
How to sew,
How to cook,
Pretty much learn how to do anything cool (or quirky).
If given the choice I would rather read
a book and veg on the couch at home
watching Netflix all day.
I can’t believe the amazing things people do
Run marathons {I’ve only run 1 5k,
not sure if I’d be able to do more}
Climb mountains (have you seen the disabled Veterans do this!)
Create art through photography (I love taking photos, of just about anything!)
Create things {I love DIY things!}
Well that’s all I’ve got, I never know what exactly to say when I see these things
If there’s anything else that you want to know please ask away!

31 Day Blog Challenge

So I’ve been surfing on pintrest…. again, and I ran across this challenge. ¬†I’m always up for something new to try, so this is a personal challenge to myself. ¬†Especially since I have problems doing something for the entire challenge. ¬†So for the next 31 days I will do a blog post for each day. ¬†I’m hoping that this will get me more comfortable with writing and posting if not daily then at least once a week. ¬†So I will be starting this tomorrow, I hope those of you who read this blog, will take inspiration on doing something new and try it as well.