Update on the Blog

Good morning all! I’ll be posting this before I finish the Blog Challenge(it was supposed to be on the same day I finished it but for some reason the yesterday’s didn’t post when it was supposed to) so that you will be able to get a look at what will be coming up soon.

Starting on Fridayย (8/5)ย I’ll be posting different things that will be more geared towards the way I am wanting to take this Blog… at this time anyway. As I am still trying to find my niche there will be posts on College life, Book Reviews, Traveling Blogs, and Home – Family – Lifestyle type blogs. ย So be on the lookout for Reviews on Books that I’m reading… or some of my faves that I’m rereading. ย I’ll also be trying to post about things and tips for College Goers and much more. I’m super excited that I’ve kept going on this even with the few set backs that I’ve had.

Until Next Time!



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