Blog Challenge Day # 1

#1: Introduction.


My name is Tabitha Jeanett Adkins.
I’m single.
I have no kids {although I love taking care of my
5 year old nephew and look forward to my new
niece coming in September as well as all of
my other nieces and nephews}.
I’m from TX {South}
I am one of eight children I have five sisters and two brothers. (I’m #3!)
I live in The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Texas.
I am not very fashionable, I tend to just wear whatever is the most comfortable. (right now that is my VS Pink $35 shirt and leggings.)
But I still care about how I look.
I’m 5’1″ tall.
I’m slightly obsessed with grammar. (even though I can never find errors in my own work, I find it in other peoples.)
And spelling.
And editing in general.
{{But I will never judge you for doing something incorrectly}}
{{most of the time anyway}}
My favorite thing in the world is reading!
I’ve got more than a few favorites,
but right now my favorite authors are:
Abbi Glines
Aimee Carter
Cambria Hebert
Christine Feehan
JK Rowling
JR Ward
Michele Bardsley
Nicole Chase
PC & Kristin Cast
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Tammy Falkner
and probably so many more that I couldn’t write them all down.
I like laughing with my friends
Making up terrible puns
I couldn’t live without my iPhone
(I found this out during my vacation when our
service was so bad it wasn’t funny!)
I’m an avid learner,
I have an Associate’s in General Studies
and a Bachelor’s degree in History
and I’m waiting to see if I’ve been
accepted into the Masters program. (this will also be in History)
I love road trips,
geocaching and going to the mall.
I want to learn photography,
How to sew,
How to cook,
Pretty much learn how to do anything cool (or quirky).
If given the choice I would rather read
a book and veg on the couch at home
watching Netflix all day.
I can’t believe the amazing things people do
Run marathons {I’ve only run 1 5k,
not sure if I’d be able to do more}
Climb mountains (have you seen the disabled Veterans do this!)
Create art through photography (I love taking photos, of just about anything!)
Create things {I love DIY things!}
Well that’s all I’ve got, I never know what exactly to say when I see these things
If there’s anything else that you want to know please ask away!

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