So this is my first time trying this who blogging thing.  I’ve always been a writer, a reader, and even a picture taker.  However, it has always been just for me, so I’m hoping this will help improve my writing abilities and make me more comfortable with getting my work out there.


Hello world!

Hi Ya’ll, I’m Tabby

One thing that I believe is that there is a lot more to me than has been discovered by either me or anyone else.

This is my goal, to discover me through writing and sharing what is going on in my life with you.  Come along with me while I go through the ups and downs of life, in college, learn to be better at organization and crafty with my DIY’s, try to overcome my anxiety at speaking in front of people, and know that I understand what it’s like to procrastinate to the point that you have to finish a 30 page paper in just over 48 hours.

Talk about procrastinating at it’s finest!

The one thing that I’ve always lived by is to in order to love what you do you need to live what you love.

I am a college Graduate, 30 years old. I was born and raised and reside in South Texas.

I started this blog in June 2015 as an attempt to do something with my summer.  It didn’t really work then, but I’ve began to pick it up again.

I’m pretty sure that my blogs will be all over the place in terms of topics but I hope that they will be interesting to you anyway.  I’m hoping to have things about life in college, crafts, and things going on in my life.  Maybe even things going on in my families lives.

I’m going to try to be posting around once a week, more if I can about just about anything.  It could be beauty, fashion or lifestyle related.  Reviews about books, makeup or outfit ideas.


School: I’m majoring in History with a minor in Creative Writing.

My Random Loves: Do-It-Yourself crafts, organization, writing, Disney, Sci-fi and Reading.

Another thing, I love my family and friends.  They are the best and most important part of my life.  They are supportive of me and anything that I want to try and do, I’m not sure what I would or where I would be if they were not here.

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful day!!