Blog Challenge Day #29

Top things in my Bucket list!

  • Take pictures of all the historical markers in Texas
  • Go to Europe
  • Go to Disney/Universal studios
  • Own my own house
  • Decide to go somewhere and be able to do it right then and there
  • Become a college Professor
  • Live on the beach (or somewhere not home) for a summer

Blog Challenge Day #28

Last time I cried…

The last time I cried was actually not so long ago. My great-aunt, my grandfather’s oldest sister passed away just barely two weeks ago. ¬†She had just lost her long battle with cancer. ¬†Had been in and out of remission more than once. ¬†But this last time had made the decision to not undergo treatment, even knowing that she wouldn’t make it this time. ¬†But she went out strong.


Until Next Time!

Blog Challenge Day #27

What makes me feel better, always

Talk things out after a long period of quite time.  Whether it’s talking to my mom, my sister, or my best friend getting things off my chest always helps me feel better and like I have a game plan going on.

Another thing that helps… playing with my dog, she doesn’t give me a chance to be feeling bad.  And she also seems to sense when I’m moody and will come to distract me.

Bella and Me

Until Next Time!


Blog Challenge Day #26

5 Favorite Blogs

These are my top five favorite blogs that I check pretty much daily.  I love when I get an email saying there has been a new post.

  • Aspyn Ovard¬†– She is a great Lifestyle blogger that has done so much so young that I’m in awe. She’s also a great youtuber that I love to watch.
  • Dani Dearest¬†– This blog is amazing in its versatility. ¬†She is a college blogger.
  • Hayle Olson¬†¬†– Beauty. Fashion. Lifestyle blogger.
  • Samanthability¬†– College blogger.
  • Her Campus¬†¬†– The all around college blog for girls.


Until Next Time!


Blog Challenge Day #25

Best physical features

I actually have no idea what to say on this one. ¬†I guess I’ll go with my eyes. ¬†I’ve always been told that my eyes were the first thing that people noticed about me. A cop out I know, but I’m stumped here.


Until Next Time!


Blog Challenge Day #24

A Difficult day in my life

The most difficult day in my life so far, was the day that I received a phone call at ¬† ¬†3:00 a. m. telling me that my grandmother had just passed away. ¬†We had known that she was ill, and that we weren’t going to have her much longer but it was still a shock to get the call. ¬†Even to this day it’s still hard for me to talk about.

Until Next Time!


Blog Challenge Day #23

Pet Peeves

I’m a pretty easy going person, but I’m only human and there are some things that just get on my nerves like no bodies business.

When people eat with their mouths open and I can hear them chewing. (I tend to look at them like are you an animal? No then close your mouth!)


When people keep talking in class after it’s clear no body wants them too… but they can’t take a hint.


When you clearly see someone reading a book, and interrupt them anyway… (Like I’m busy, want do you want?)

Blog Challenge Day #22

10 favorite songs

Alright… I’m going to admit that my favorite songs tend to change. ¬†But as of right now these are my top 10. ¬†Also if you haven’t heard the covers done of the first three songs you should Youtube Niki and Gabi music. ¬†They are amazing singers and do an awesome job singing these songs! ¬†Also if you haven’t read the Sea Breeze and Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines you need too. ¬†That is where the last four songs come from.

  1. Fight Song – Rachel Platten
  2. Hands to myself – Selena Gomez
  3. Pillowtalk – Zayn Malik
  4. All about that bass – Meghan Trainor
  5. Here – Alessia Cara
  6. Ex’s and Oh’s – Elle King
  7. Fallen too far – Abbi Glines (this is a song she wrote for her book)
  8. She’s to Blame – Abbi Glines¬†(this is a song she wrote for her book)
  9. Don’t Cry – Abbi Glines¬†(this is a song she wrote for her book)
  10. Bad for You –¬†(this is a song she wrote for her book)

Until Next Time!


Blog Challenge Day #21

Something I miss

There are a few things that I miss everyday and none of them are actual things.  The first two things are my grandmothers.  I lost both of them within 6 months of the other.  It was extremely hard on not only me but my entire family.  The other thing that I miss everyday is my dog Gizmo.  I lost him just two years ago, he was 10 years old.  I got him when he was barely 4 weeks old and I was bottle feeding him.  These are who I miss everyday.

Until Next Time!


Blog Challenge day #20

Where I want to be in 10 years

Where do I see myself in 10 years… Hopefully, I will be living an adult life. ūüôā But seriously, I hope to have gotten at least my Master’s degree and if not finished at least have started my Doctorate in History. ¬†I’m hoping to have begun teaching and be working part time at a museum. ¬†The last part of where I want to be in 10 years is to have built myself my own Tiny home that I can take with me and travel to where I want to go on the weekends.

Until Next Time!