The Good Reads Book Tag

The Good Reads Book Tag

Hey Guys!

I know that I’ve been doing quite a few tags lately, but what can I say I enjoy them. ¬†I am trying to space them out so you don’t get so many at one time. ¬†I’m not going to lie, I found pretty much everyone of these book tags pretty much on the same day. ¬†It was back in September when I was avoiding doing my class reading and surfing the interwebs.

Soooo…. this was supposed to go up back in December and I just realized that it hadn’t. ¬†So I decided to go ahead and post it anyway.


What is the last book you marked as read? (You mean I’m supposed to mark them!)


Up in Flames by Abbi Glines

Well crap, apparently the last time I marked anything as read was way back in August when Up in Flames was released. ¬†I know I’ve read more books since then but, I just haven’t been marking them.

What are you currently reading?

Holding Her Hand by Tammy Falkner


This book is one of the books in a series that I’m reading. ¬†I love that series and when I found out that more books had been released since I had last read them I decided that a huge re-read was in order.

What was the last book you marked as to read?


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, Jane Austen

I’m a huge classics fan, and when these came out I wanted to ignore them for that reason. ¬†But when the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter was released and then we started getting the previews of the Movie for Pride and Prejudice and Zombie I buckled and finally decided that I had to read it. ¬†I loved the movie, soon I will make time to read the book and see how it works with the original.

Do you use the star rating system?

Yes! ¬†Though I do wish they would give more rating options… sometimes a book isn’t worth one star or it’s worth more than 5 or when you’re somewhere in between.

What book do you plan on reading next?


I started reading the books in Ransom Riggs series after I watched the movie.  While I love the movie, I wish they had incorporated more and added less outside stuff.

Are you doing the 2016 reading challenge?

I was actually planning to, but I never got around to it and with the year almost up well…. I think I better hold off until next year.

What book do you plan on buying next?

Do you have a wishlist?

That’s a really bad question for me…. My wishlist gets added to everytime I go to the store.

What is your favorite quote?

Oh wow, I’m not sure that I have a favorite favorite, but I guess the one that comes to mind is:

To thine own self be true. -Shakespeare

Who are your favourite authors?

  • J.K. Rowling
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • Cambria Hebert
  • Abbi Glines
  • Cassandra Clare
  • Tammy Falkner
  • Kam McKellar
  • Tess Oliver
  • Susan Mallery
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Christine Feehan

Ok, I’d better stop now. ¬†But really check out all of these amazing authors!

Well Goodreads is a website that I should only have limited access to.  Because just like when I go to a store, everytime I log on it just adds to my wishlist of books.

I tag:

  • Anyone who want to do this!¬†‚̧

People to Follow: Instagram

Hey Guys!
So I’ve been on my instagram a lot lately so I thought I’d share a post of some people to follow. ¬†I’m not saying that you have to but these are some of my favorites on instagram!

Who are you favorite people and brands to follow on Instagram? Comment down below.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hey Guys!

So as you can tell by the title, today is St. Patrick’s Day! ¬†And like they said on Boondock Saint’s…



So I thought I’d share one of my favorite comfort foods in honor of today. ¬† Don’t forget to wear green today so you don’t get pinched!

Mini Shepherd’s Pies

¬†This is one of my favorite dishes to make, whether it’s St. Paddy’s day or not. ¬†Of course I usually make a giant dish of it instead of mini types, but it’s all the same. ¬†I’ve used this recipe (which can be found here.) and I’ve also used a simple one of only Ground beef, corn, Mashed Potatoes and cheese. ¬†So really with this you can play it by ear.
prep time: 15minutes
total time: 50minutes
serves: 6people


cost per recipe: $12.33

  • 12 jumbo-size (3 1/2-inch) foil baking cup
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 can Campbell’s¬ģ Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup orCampbell’s¬ģ Condensed 98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • 1 cup frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, green beans, corn, peas)
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 3 cups hot mashed potatoes
  • 3/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

How to Make It

Step 1:¬†Heat the oven to 350¬įF.¬† Line 12 (2 1/2-inch) muffin-pan cups with the baking cups.

Step 2: Cook the beef in a 10-inch skillet over medium-high heat until well browned, stirring often to separate meat.  Pour off any fat.

Step 3: Add the garlic to the skillet and cook and stir for 1 minute.  Remove the skillet from the heat.  Stir in the soup, vegetables and Worcestershire sauce.  Spoon about 1/4 cup beef mixture into each baking cup.  Spread or pipe about 1/4 cup potatoes on top of each.

Step 4: Bake for 20 minutes or until the minis are hot.  Top each with 1 tablespoon cheese.

Step 5: Bake for 5 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Recipe Tips

  • Ingredient Note:¬†You can also use regular-size foil baking cups to make this recipe.¬† Reduce the mashed potatoes to 2 1/2 cups, and spread about 3 tablespoons on each mini.¬† Proceed as directed above.
  • Alternate Preparation: To brown the tops of the minis, bake the minis as directed above for 20 minutes.¬† Sprinkle with the cheese and broil for 2 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the potatoes are lightly browned.

Well that’s it… enjoy! ¬†Do you have a holiday favorite food that you could eat at any time of the year? ¬†Comment down below.

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#Swag Review


Reviewer: Tabitha
#Rev by Cambria Hebert                                    Format: Kindle
Series: GearShark #3
Published by Cambria Hebert Books, LLC
Publication Date: June 7th 201
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Sports Romance                                 Page Count: 382 pages
Buy on Amazon | Barnes and Noble




The Original Synopsis can be found here.

These drivers got #swag…

Racing is in her DNA.
Right alongside money and power.
When you’re the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country,
you have to work harder for success.
Joey Gamble’s a girl on a male-dominated track.
With a daddy who can buy whatever she wants.
But she doesn’t want anything… except to EARN her reputation.

Racing is his passion.
Trouble follows him everywhere. Some even say he invites it.
When you’re nipping at the taillights of the best driver in the new NRR,
you have to fight and claw for each and every success.
It’s never been easy for Lorhaven.
That’s why he doesn’t play by the rules.
He’s a man with a serious chip on his shoulder against the pro racing circuit.
We at GearShark want to know what’s up with that.

We’ve also been hearing rumblings…
of a pro who wants to go indie.

We’ve invited racing royalty and the driver from the wrong side of the tracks to sit down and talk to us about a possible crossover.
We expected sparks to fly when Joey and Lorhaven crossed paths.
Will those sparks ignite into a full-on inferno?

The Review:

This is the third book in the GearShark Series and it focuses on Joey and Lorhaven, characters that we get introduced to in the first two GearShark books.  Joey is the girl that had to be one of the guys to be accepted.  And Lorhaven is the character that we all want to hate.  But together they become amazing.

Joey is the pro-racer who was brought in to “teach” Drew Anderson how to drive the right way. ¬†But instead she found a way of driving that she wanted to be a part of. ¬†She decides that she wants to move from the Pro scene to the indie scene and encounters troubles due to the fact that she’s a female in either scene.

Lorhaven is the driver that was banned from the indie track and ends up driving the streets. ¬†However, when a new indie circuit is being brought up he comes up with it. ¬†But he doesn’t know what to think about the girl pro who wants to join.

Cambria Hebert gives the reader an almost Romeo and Juliet like story with the bad boy street racer and the girl racer from the pros.

I came into this story wanting to hate Lorhaven and instead find myself rooting and falling more in love with him than I thought possible. ¬†Joey I loved from the moment she was introduced because she’s out there trying to do something just for herself without cashing in on her famous father.

This book is a wonderful continuation to characters that we fell in love with in the Hashtag series. ¬†If you haven’t yet jumped onto the #Nerd bandwagon you totally need to soon! ¬†You also get the added benefit of the series being just about complete so you don’t have to wait the long months that we did!

Until Next Time!


These are my babies: Bella and Rose

Hey Guys!

The title of this blog may be a bit misleading, and have people thinking this post is about children. ¬†But it’s not. ¬†This is about my two dogs. ¬†I’ve had a few dogs over the years and had quite a few of them pass away. ¬†Right now I have only two. ¬†Bella who is a half chihuahua and half toy poodle and Rose who is not quite a tea cup chihuahua (she missed this by like 1/2 a pound… plus I think she’s gained more weight since I got her).

Technically Bella is actually my mom’s dog, but she’s always with me. ¬†My sister and I got her for our mom for mother’s day when Bella was around 6-8 weeks old (it’s been a while so I can’t remember but it was in 2008) but she is now almost 9 years old and shows it in her lack of patience for Rose (who is barely going to be 2). ¬†I’ve got videos of her chasing her off and out of a room because she doesn’t want her near her.

Rose on the other hand is mine. ¬†I got her back in September and she’s been trying to play with Bella ever since (which doesn’t happen, but she does kidnap all the toys). ¬†I’ve always been a big animal lover, I’ve had cats over the years but it’s dogs that I usually have longer. (mainly because cats tend to wander and the next thing I know they’re gone ūüėě)

Well these are my babies. ¬†I have to tell you I was super excited when the snap filter worked on Bella. ¬†If you want to see more pictures of them follow me on snapchat @tabbyja or on instagram @tabithajeanett. ¬†I usually post a picture of them every few days… if not more.

Until Next Time!


Reminder Blog: It’s Daylight Savings

Hey Guys!

Have you ever forgotten that daylight savings is coming up and forgotten to set all the clocks. ¬†Come on now, I know I’m not the only one. ¬†Ok, maybe I am. ¬†But in my defense since my phone does it automatically… (now it does anyway, my first cell phone did not) who even looks at the clocks on the walls anyway.

So this is a post reminding ya’ll that you need to set your clocks forward an hour so that when you wake up in the morning you don’t show up somewhere an hour early.

Until Next Time!


I Unplugged for the weekend… this is what happened

Hey Guys!

So I’m one of those people that very seldomly, if ever, found without my cell phone… or my laptop… or my kindle. (or all three…) ¬†I love the convenience of technology and would probably go crazy without it. ¬†So I decided to take a weekend and go without my phone, or laptop. ¬†(Considering this is during the semester this was hard… I’ve got papers to write and most of my books are in pdf format… which I could print out thank god) ¬†I will admit to keeping my kindle and my apple watch so that I could at least tell time and read (I’m just now re-building my personal library back up after the purge of my books when I bought my first kindle (not my brightest moment) so I wouldn’t go crazy when I wasn’t doing my homework).

Day 1

Friday: Since this¬†was a Friday and I do have to work I didn’t begin until after I got out at 5:00, mainly because at this job I answer phones and I’m always on the computer for work so it’s hard to unplug when it’s your job to be on it. So for today it wasn’t too hard not to pick up my phone or get on my laptop. ¬†(of course I only had like 4-5 hours.) Instead I focused on my school readings that I had due for the next week and getting outlines for my papers. ¬†I also wasn’t feeling to well so I slept quite a bit.

Day 2

Saturday: I can’t tell you enough how hard it was not to pick up my phone to just randomly check what’s going on. ¬†Or to play a game or anything when I got bored. ¬†Since I did have to work today it wasn’t all that bad, but I did keep it with me just in case I had a flat or had car trouble. ¬†(which is always a good thing when you drive nearly an hour and a half for work … one way)

Day 3

Sunday: By the time that Sunday rolled around I¬†hadn’t realized how often I actually reached for my phone for every little thing. ¬†But I’m pretty glad that I did this, it’s worth it to unplug not only for your sanity but as well as your health. ¬†(disclaimer: I’m not a health professional but the one thing that I’m always told is that the radiation coming off our phones are bad for us… not that anybody really cares these days.) If you think about the amount of germs that are on our phones that we readily put up to our faces it’s kind of gross. ¬†I’ve learned that I need to clean my screen at least at the end of every day so that hopefully my face will quit being all weird.

So overall, it wasn’t that hard of a process… well for my laptop at least. ¬†Not picking up my phone was a lot harder than I thought it would be, mainly because I usually have it attached to me at all times. ¬†But I didn’t die so that was good, I’m behind on watching YouTube videos, but other than that it wasn’t all bad. ¬†I got caught up on my school work, and even had time to read a book (not all of it, but I did get a good half way done with it.) ¬†I even got one of my assignments done, so yay me.

Question of the Day: Have you ever tried to go without your technology for a weekend, or even for a day?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!


End of Month Wrap Up: February

Hey Guys

I’m so sorry this one is late. ¬†For some reason February just seemed to get away from me and the next thing I knew it was the middle of the second week of March. This is my end of month Wrap up for February. ¬†On here you will see what’s been going on in my life, what I’m reading both for school and for fun, what I’m listening to and what is on my to read list. I’ll also be posting a list with what I’ve posted in the past month to give you an idea of what you might have missed.

Well this month has been one heck of a month. ¬†From my busy work and school schedule to me getting injured it’s been hectic to say the least.

Going on in my Life:      

  • I started up the new semester… again. ¬†I know… I need to have my head rechecked.
  • I’m still struggling with my camera but I’ll get there!
  • My only mode of transportation decided that it didn’t need to work this month… so here I go looking for a new one.

I’d like to thank¬†callieleigh¬†for following me! ¬†I’m happy to say that I’ve finally gotten passed the 20 follower mark!

Below is a list of things that I’ve read, am reading, am listening to, and is on my to read list. ¬†I’ve also linked each one so that they are easier for you to find.

Books I’ve Read in February:

  • #Blur by Cambria Hebert
  • #Nerd by Cambria Hebert
  • #Hater by Cambria Hebert
  • #Finishline by Cambria Hebert

What I’m Currently Reading:

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling: This will probably be on the list for a while, because I’m reading this to my little cousin a chapter at a time before bedtime. (might be longer now that she’s moved away, and I only see her every now and then) ¬†She’s enjoying it, so I don’t mind going slow. ¬†I love it because this is the new edition with all the pictures for her to look at while I read.
  • Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
  • #Player by Cambria Hebert
  • Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

Books I’m Reading For School: (This is this months book list for my Grad School masters program)¬†¬†These books haven’t been to bad overall, especially when comparing them to last semesters list. ¬†This also doesn’t include the additional reading I’m already doing for my final paper for my class… So far that total is up to 8 additional books and climbing.

  • Poor People’s Movements
  • “The Long Civil Rights Movement”
  • To ‘Joy my Freedom
  • At the Dark End of the Street
  • March on Washington
  • Polluted Promises
  • Twenty Poems That Could Save America – This one and the next one are books that we are reading chapters from
  • Serious Daring

What I’m Listening to (Audible): (this depends on my mood)

What I Finished on Audible:

I’m also super excited about the new audio books Cambria has coming out in the next couple of months. ¬†You can find out more about those here.

To Read list:

I have to say this list isn’t getting any smaller… I’m so tired! ¬†I just want to sleep for a week and not do anything. ¬†Not gonna happen because now I’ve started up with my other job again. ¬† :/ ¬†I can’t wait until the end of the semester!

Favorite Blog posts that I’ve discovered this month:

I’ve found a few blog posts that I’ve enjoyed this month. ¬†One by HerCampus inspired my Spring break post. ¬†You can find that one here.


My Posts this month:

  • Book Cover’s Around the World: Harry Potter
  • College Life: Commuting
  • End of Month Wrap Up: January
  • What’s in My Makeup Bag
  • Surprise Book Reveal #Finishline
  • #Heart Review
  • How I afford my Starbucks Habit
  • My Favorite Space: In my House
  • #Holiday Review
  • #Junkie Review
  • Spring Break Ready… Or Not
  • My favorite Pintrest Boards
  • My 1st 2nd Person POV Story
  • #Finishline Release Day

You can find any of these on my main page and scrolling through my posts!

Well… I lapsed on quite a few of my planned posts… mainly because I’ve lost track of my days and I didn’t have them completed when they were supposed to be posted… or was sick and wasn’t awake to post. ¬†In any case it’s been a hectic month for me. ¬†But¬†I hope ya’ll have enjoyed the blog posts that I’ve created for you and will enjoy the ones to come. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Also just for fun I thought I’d show ya’ll some of my pictures from Snapchat that I loved this month!

Until Next Time!



#Rev Review

revReviewer: Tabitha
#Rev by Cambria Hebert                                    Format: Kindle
Series: GearShark #2
Published by Cambria Hebert Books, LLC
Publication Date: March 27th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Sports Romance                                         Page Count: 564
Buy on Amazon | Barnes and Noble





The Original Synopsis can be found here.

Trent Mask puts the REV in revolution.
A line has been drawn.
Indie vs Pro
Here at GearShark, we’re straddling that line to bring you exclusive coverage of what some have dubbed the war of racing.
Every war starts with a spark and ends in revolution.
Drew Forrester was the spark,
but his second-in-command is the REVolution.
What does it take to stand brave in the face of opposition?
Resolve of steel…
Stubborn will…
And a heart that refuses to give up.
It isn’t just the drivers in this war.
The revolution is about more than just racing.
It’s about shattering labels and taking risks.
So we asked Trent Mask: Truth or Dare?
His answer?

Check out the full feature article inside…

*This is book 2 in the GearShark series.
This book contains french fries, fast cars and two men in love.

The Review:

This is book 2 in the GearShark series and I love the way the chronology of their relationship was, starting with being best friends, to maybe something more dancing around each other, and then finally a full on relationship, Drew and Trent against the world! The way the characters evolved both with each other and as individuals was wonderful to read.

The epic continuation to the massive cliffhanger at the end of #Junkie.  This book had me on pins and needles the entire time.  In the beginning parts of this book Drew and Trent have to decide if they are going to continue their relationship or is the hate going to win and tear them apart.  The best thing they have going for them is the family is firmly in their corner (with Romeo and B wanting to bash heads in) and planning revenge.  That they knew that they would have an uphill battle and still decided that they were worth it made for the best read!

In this continuation the readers get to see how much Drew and Trent grow both as a couple and as individuals.  While each had their own struggles to contend with they do most of it together.

This is the last book that will focus on Drew and Trent (that we know of) but it was well worth the wait. (Hint: they do pop up in the other books #Swag, #Bae, and #Blur)

This book is a wonderful continuation to characters that we fell in love with in the Hashtag series. ¬†If you haven’t yet jumped onto the #Nerd bandwagon you totally need to soon! ¬†You also get the added benefit of the series being just about complete so you don’t have to wait the long months that we did!

Until Next Time!


Read Across America Day: My Favorite Kids Books

Hey Guys!

So I have always been a big advocate of reading and literacy in general. ¬†And in support of Read Across America Day I decided to do a post of my favorite Children’s/YA books. ¬†I’m not putting these in any real order of favorites just listing them as they come to mind.

  • Harry Potter Series: ¬†I actually didn’t find this series until it had already released a few books. ¬†I was actually in High School and had to read it for a lit crit class. ¬†However, as we all know some books can do, I was snagged and fell in love with the entire world. ¬†So much so that I wouldn’t read anything else and even got my mother and sister to read them.


  • Little House on the Prairie Series: I grew up on this series and with watching the TV adaptation to it. ¬†I still read them to this day when the mood strikes me.


  • The Percy Jackson Series: This was another series that I didn’t find until the books were already mostly all published. ¬†But like with the Harry Potter books it pulled me into a world that I really didn’t want to leave.

percy jackson 1.png

  • Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Series: After the conclusion of the previous series I was so excited to learn about this new one being released. ¬†It gives a whole new life to the series.


  • American Girl Series: Growing up I used to love to read about girls who would go on adventures and do so many amazing things. ¬†I also love the fact that they come out with new ones even now.


  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Series: Now this series was a surprise to me. ¬†I didn’t actually read it until after the movie came out. ¬†While I liked the movie I new that the books had to be better. ¬†So I read them and couldn’t get enough of them.


  • The Chronicles of Narnia Series: This is another wonderful series that I love. ¬†I also loved it when they came out with the movies. ¬†Bringing to life so many of the wonderful scenes that played in my head while I read along. ¬†I’m hoping for a new movie again soon!


  • The Hunger Games Series: This is another series that I didn’t read until after the second movie had come out. ¬†However, after the ending in Catching Fire I decided I couldn’t wait until the next movie to find out what happened next, so I dove into the books starting with the first one and not putting them down until I was done.


  • The Dark is Rising Series: I actually didn’t even know this was a book series until a few years ago. ¬†But after watching the movie again I decided to see if there was a book that the movie was based on and low and behold a series unfolded for me.


  • Time Quintet Series: This is another book series that I grew up reading. ¬†I would read and re-read A Wrinkle in Time until I discovered that there were more books in the series. (there is even more books in a different series that connects to this one!) ¬†I remember when the made for TV adaptation came out and now there is a new movie in the works (even if it’s a remake of the other movie.) ¬†I’m excited to see how it goes.


As you can see I love many different types of books. ¬†I love to read and love to encourage reading of any kind. ¬†Whether that is comic book series that holds you interest or manga or just good old fashion books. ¬†Reading is something that should be encouraged. ¬†Never let someone tell you otherwise or that you shouldn’t be reading something. ¬†Question of the Day: What is your favorite book series? ¬†Comment down below.

Until Next Time!