Blog Challenge Day #2

1. My birthday is April 30, 1985.

2. my favorite way to relax is to grab a book and go find a place to hide away.

3. A place on my travel bucket list is London. (and pretty much anywhere in Europe)

4. I didn’t own a game station until I turned 26.

5. My favorite video game is Super Mario Brothers.

6. My favorite color is emerald Green.

7. I’m a Taurus.

8. I have brown eyes… most of the time 🙂

9. I hate olives.

10. My favorite animal are Owls.

11. I didn’t own a cell phone until I graduated from High School.

12. I’ve never been to Disneyland/world or to Universal Studios.

13. I have either visited or lived in 20 States in the United States.

14. I prefer white eggs over brown… Not sure why just do.

15. My ebook library holds over 4,000 books.

16. My dvd/blu-ray collections is over a 1,000 movies large… not counting tv seasons that I own.

17. My favorite childhood bedtime rhyme is actually in Spanish, because if you say it in English it doesn’t make sense.

18. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate and brownies from marble slab.

19. I have two levels… I either go into a store and buy nothing or I go in spending way too much.

20. My favorite food is Chinese.


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