I Unplugged for the weekend… this is what happened

Hey Guys!

So I’m one of those people that very seldomly, if ever, found without my cell phone… or my laptop… or my kindle. (or all three…)  I love the convenience of technology and would probably go crazy without it.  So I decided to take a weekend and go without my phone, or laptop.  (Considering this is during the semester this was hard… I’ve got papers to write and most of my books are in pdf format… which I could print out thank god)  I will admit to keeping my kindle and my apple watch so that I could at least tell time and read (I’m just now re-building my personal library back up after the purge of my books when I bought my first kindle (not my brightest moment) so I wouldn’t go crazy when I wasn’t doing my homework).

Day 1

Friday: Since this was a Friday and I do have to work I didn’t begin until after I got out at 5:00, mainly because at this job I answer phones and I’m always on the computer for work so it’s hard to unplug when it’s your job to be on it. So for today it wasn’t too hard not to pick up my phone or get on my laptop.  (of course I only had like 4-5 hours.) Instead I focused on my school readings that I had due for the next week and getting outlines for my papers.  I also wasn’t feeling to well so I slept quite a bit.

Day 2

Saturday: I can’t tell you enough how hard it was not to pick up my phone to just randomly check what’s going on.  Or to play a game or anything when I got bored.  Since I did have to work today it wasn’t all that bad, but I did keep it with me just in case I had a flat or had car trouble.  (which is always a good thing when you drive nearly an hour and a half for work … one way)

Day 3

Sunday: By the time that Sunday rolled around I hadn’t realized how often I actually reached for my phone for every little thing.  But I’m pretty glad that I did this, it’s worth it to unplug not only for your sanity but as well as your health.  (disclaimer: I’m not a health professional but the one thing that I’m always told is that the radiation coming off our phones are bad for us… not that anybody really cares these days.) If you think about the amount of germs that are on our phones that we readily put up to our faces it’s kind of gross.  I’ve learned that I need to clean my screen at least at the end of every day so that hopefully my face will quit being all weird.

So overall, it wasn’t that hard of a process… well for my laptop at least.  Not picking up my phone was a lot harder than I thought it would be, mainly because I usually have it attached to me at all times.  But I didn’t die so that was good, I’m behind on watching YouTube videos, but other than that it wasn’t all bad.  I got caught up on my school work, and even had time to read a book (not all of it, but I did get a good half way done with it.)  I even got one of my assignments done, so yay me.

Question of the Day: Have you ever tried to go without your technology for a weekend, or even for a day?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!


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