End of Month Wrap Up: July

Well this month has been a whirlwind of activity and things happening for me.

Going on in my Life:          

  • Water heater going out at the house
  • Was rear ended in my little VW bug… I’m still hurting
  • The AC at the house decided it wanted to go out at 6:00 pm on a Friday
  • Let’s not even talk about having to be on hold with the Insurance people and the Financial Aid people at the campus!

So yea…  It was a pretty much life throwing everything it could at me, but I made it through. Yay me!  Since this is the first monthly wrap up I’m doing, I’m winging it So here it goes.

I’d like to thank Transhaan and jbellah00 for following this lonely blogger!

Below is a list of things that I’ve read, am reading, am listening to, and is on my to read list.  I’ve also linked each one so that they are easier for you to find.

Books I’ve Read in July:

What I’m Currently Reading:

 What I’m Listening to (Audible):

To Read list:

Favorite Blog posts that I’ve discovered this month this month:

  • Your Complete Guide to Binge-Watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ from HerCampus  – Not sure about ya’ll but I miss seeing the Gilmore Girls show on television.
  • Juggling Work and College by Dani Dearest –  I’m pretty sure the title is self explanatory, but I came across her post when I needed to hear it the most.  She’s amazing!
  • Where You Should Study Abroad, Based on Your Zodiac Sign from HerCampus  – I have always dreamed of studying abroad… I’ve even done a mini study abroad, where I studied Spanish in Puerto Rico for two weeks in the summer.  According to this I should study in : A bit Type-A in nature, a Taurus probably wants to study abroad somewhere not terribly far outside her comfort zone—a place where she can make a plan and be her true, tourist-y Taurus self.

    London would be the perfect place for a Taurus to experience a slightly different culture without being overwhelmed by a language barrier. From there you could perfectly schedule all of the tours and weekend trips you want, in order to make the most of your time abroad. (the sentences in Italics were taken directly from the blog post)


This month I have posted quite a few blogs… Ok pretty much all of them since I was doing the challenge.  But I’m super proud of sticking with it anyway.  I’ve also planned and began a few of the blogs that I will be posting this month.  I’m excited to see where this will take me.

Until Next Time!



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