Blog Challenge Day #31

Weird Quirk of mine            

Yet another one that has me stumped.  I think I’m going to have to phone a friend to figure this one out.

Me: Hey Jax! what would you say is a weird quirk of mine?

Jaxine: I would say being friendly with people you don’t even know.

Me: I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!

Jaxine: Glad I could help.

Well there you have it… Me being friendly with everyone… even strangers.  Come to think of it, it’s been something that has been mentioned over and over during the years.  I was studying abroad and got made to sit by the professors because I was talking to strangers… (Come on, I was 27) or when I went to visit my older sister in Washington, D.C. and she actually told me not to talk to strangers on the airplane. Of course I didn’t listen but that’s just me.  I guess it’s just something that I do.

                                   Just in case you were wondering… This is my friend Jaxine and Me (I’m the dark one!), totally rocking our #Alpha U Wolfpack shirts… if you would like to check these shirts out you can find them here.  This is a shirt that the author (Cambria Hebert) of a book series (Hashtag series) created to go with her books (because she loves us!) If you would like to check out her series there are available on ebook through Amazon kindle unlimited only right now, but you can buy the paperbacks through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

And we’ve made it 31…ish days.  Okay, I’ll admit it was probably more like 35-40 days… maybe more, but what can I say life just seemed to get in the way, but I completed the challenge and I’m so happy to have done so.

Anyway, Until Next Time!



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