Workout Must Haves

Workout Must Haves

Gray shirt

Silver ring
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Tarte lipstick


My Favorite Workout Clothes

Hey Guys!

I’ll be the first one to tell you that me and exercising are not the best of friends. ¬†That being said, I do try to go for a walk/jog with my cousin at least 3 times a week and attend a class on campus when ever possible.

The one thing that I’ve figured out is that wearing the right clothes when working out is important. ¬†If you wear the wrong shoes then you are in trouble. ¬†The same goes for the clothing you wear. ¬†I love to wear crop leggings during most of the year, the exception being when it’s a little colder then I’ll wear either joggers or long leggings. ¬†for tops I’ll usually wear a tank top, anything more than that and it gets to be way to much clothing on. ¬†Again this has an exception, this is usually around January when we get our actual cold weather in and I’ll put on a hoodie. ¬†Next, is usually my sports bra. ¬†I’ll be the first to say that these don’t usually do much when your working out if you are a little more blessed on top than others. ¬†So I recommend a High Impact if you have the same problems as I do. ¬†I have several different ones at home that I use as my go to sports bras, including my Victoria Secret and Forever 21 ones.

That being said I do have my favorite ones to wear.  They may not be available for purchase anymore but I can link some that are like them.

Favorite Workout Bottoms:

Active Capri Yoga Pants – You can find these

SALAR CAPRI in Charcoal Heather – You can find these here. ¬† These are actually a pair that I own. ¬†The fit and material of these capri’s are amazing!


Favorite Sports Bras

The ones below are the ones that I bought at the Victoria Secret Outlet.  Because why not get them on sale when you want to buy a new bra!


x354-q80  I love the fact that this one has the dual bra, this helps so much with support.


Favorite Shoes

I can’t recommend these shoes enough! These are the Excursion TR8, which I don’t think they are making anymore. I love the Saucony brand and have gotten these shoes for the last 6 years or so. ¬†I have ones just like these and will be getting another pair soon as mine are almost done in. You can find some here.

Image result for saucony shoes

Favorite Workout Tops:

These are the kind of tops that I wear on a regular basis, not just for working out but all the time.  Because these things are hella comfy, and usually super funny!

Image result for workout tanksImage result for workout tanks

Well that’s it for this post. ¬†I hope seeing what favorites I have, has given you ideas that working out doesn’t mean you have to look boring or be uncomfortable. ¬†Also make it fun, workout with your friends. ¬†My go to people are usually my best friend and my cousin. ¬†Find that person that will help hold you accountable.

Until Next Time!