Semester Goals: Fall 2017 Update

Hey Guys!

Well I’m not sure about you guys but this semester seemed to fly by in a flash for me.  Maybe it was because we had to start the semester almost two weeks later than we should have due to Hurricane Harvey.  But with winter break already here and almost gone, let’s see how this semester’s goals went.

I can’t tell you how much I am grateful for DaniDearest‘s blog that had me start writing goals down for each semester.  It helped out for my 1st semester and did so again for my 2nd and my third.  These goals helped me have a focus and something tangible to reach for.  I accomplished 11 out of 15 , not to bad if I don’t say so myself.

Making my goals public like this was the perfect way for me to be held accountable for them.  Before these last two semesters, I’ve never set goals and never so publicly before.  And doing so helped me.

Here’s my goals for this semester and how I did on them:


1. Get at least a B in my classes.

Result: ✓ Success!  Well, if you read my update from last spring then you saw that I had written that it was a wake up call for me.  I can seriously say that this semester was my most challenging to date.  This was my third semester and my second where I took only history classes.  This was a challenge due to the amount of intensive writing that was being done.  But I will say that I got a B in my Research Methods class (not too bad, but I have my work cut out for me to be able to be ready for my thesis in a year and a half.)  and an A in my Oral History course.  I didn’t think that I would enjoy this course, but I had so much fun doing it.  It wasn’t always easy and I never realized the amount of work that went into an oral history, but it was enjoyable.

2. Try and get my assignments done before the day they are due.

Result: ✓ This was a complete success, this semester I was able to complete all of my assignments if not two days before then at least the day before.  This is something that I am hoping to continue doing next semester.

3. Work out at least 2 times a week. (I’m going to make an effort, but we’ll see.)

Result: X  Yea… nope.  I did not work out once this semester.  I didn’t even step foot into the Dugan.  However, I just got a gym membership so I’m hoping since I’m paying for it I’ll actually manage to go.  So until I manage to at least go twice a week maybe more I’ll be keeping this on my list.

4. Try a fitness class on campus.

Result: X  Yea… nope… see previous number!   Woman Shrugging: Medium Skin Tone on Apple

5. Spend more time with my family and friends.

Result: ✓  Considering that I now have three jobs, I’ve been managing pretty well.  There were weeks where I got home after my family went to bed or I couldn’t see my friends, but I tried.   Hopefully with my new schedule this will even out.

6. Actually stick to my budget. (for food, or other things)

Result: X/✓  This was a semi-pass for me this semester.  I budgeted myself “free” money each week and was able to only spend that amount for the most part, but I need to work a bit more on this area.

7. Cook more, and take my own lunches for school.

Result: X/✓   I didn’t actually do to bad on this one.  But I need to try harder.  I have recently been trying a food service called HelloFresh, which come this new semester I’m hoping to start packing my lunch and only eating out once or twice a month.

8. Reach my activity goals on my watch each day/week.

Result: ✓ I would definitely say this was a lot better than last semester.  Even with me having some days where I did not even leave my house.  I also had two  major papers that I was writing so I had a total of 107 days out of 122.  Yay me!

 September   30/30  October 28/31  November  27/30 December 22/31

Total: 107/122

9. Post on each of the days I’ve assigned a post on HomeTownGirlWriter.

Result: X  … Nope, yet again this was a major failure.  Some weeks I had posts, and others not so much.  If it hadn’t been for the book posts that I was doing for reveals I wouldn’t have anything to post.  Not only do I still have the same hectic schedule, I added to it by accepting a graduate position.  But I’m trying.

10. Save at least 10% of my paychecks each week.

Result: ✓   I’ve actually been doing really well with this.  I had to dip into my savings for Christmas, but other than that I’ve been able to save something from each check.

11. Make my bed and pick up things in my room each morning. (In my hope for a clean room/house.)

Result: ✓   For the most part I did really well, but it’s around laundry time that I get lazy and not feel like putting away those piles of clothes.  But not too bad overall.

12. Take time for myself each week.

Result: ✓  Completed! I made sure that each week I had at least 30 minutes to an hour for myself.  Whether it was just to read a book that I wanted or to take a long bubble bath, it was my me time.  I especially needed this because this last semester has been a really rough one.  This is something that I’ll keep working towards as the semesters come and go.

13. Open my planner everyday and make sure it’s completed for the upcoming week.

Result: ✓  I’m not sure what I did before I started using my Happy Planner, I love my mini (although I do have a classic as well) and the fact that I can take it anywhere!

14. Have saved at least $500 by the end of the semester.

Result: Yep!!! I finally completed this.  It took a few months into the semester to get it to where even having to get into it to fix a shattered car window (So not good on a day when the temperature was 30 degrees!).  Here it is almost the start of the Spring semester and I still have that cushion!

15. Go somewhere I’ve never been before.

Result:    Yep! I actually got to go to El Paso (Okay, so it’s still in the state but considering it is more than 9 hours away it counts!) and got to hike the Franklin Mountains with my family.  I had so much fun.  This year I hope to go back and go higher!


11/15 Goals Completed

Not too shabby, I’m almost there for a full 15 out of 15.  With 10 that were fully successfull and 2 that were semi successful, I had a better semester than my last one.  and I finally got more than half way completed.  that leaves me with three that I need to work harder on and two that only needs a little more work to be completely successful.

Question of the day: How did you do on any goals that you set for your Fall 2017 semester?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!


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