Book Review: I’ve Been Looking for You by Jennifer Dean


I’ve Been Looking for You
Jennifer Dean
Publication date: December 1st 2017
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

Max: The new girl, the sarcastic asshole, the one who avoids getting attached to anyone.
Emily: The golden girl, the rule-abiding rebel, the one who unknowingly craves something more.
When fate brings the two girls together, life seemed to fall into place. Until their future plans are shattered the moment someone leaves drugs inside Max’s school locker.
While Max inevitably loses hope of escaping her new grim reality, Emily struggles to move on without the one she loves most. Especially when she’s the only one determined to find answers. But the closer Emily gets to discovering the truth, the harder it will be to stop her pursuit, even when it leads to dangerous consequences.

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My Review

It has been a while since I’ve read any FF books, not for any particular reason but simply because none have garnered my attention.  This is the first time I’ve read anything by Jennifer Dean and it won’t be the last.  This is a coming of age tale that is a love story that happens because of circumstances.

I loved both Emily and Max and the way that their relationship develops is beautiful.  There is a flow and an amazing plot that you can see develop.  The way that it stays very true to how it is in real life is what makes Deans book so special.

I’ve Been Looking for You is a fast paced novel that you will want to get lost in until it is done, and then you’ll want to read it again.

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