My Workout Must Haves

Workout Must Haves

Workout Must Haves by tabitha-adkins

Hey Guys!

Today I decided to share my fitness must haves.   These are the things that I always have with me as well what I make sure to do and pack if I will be going to the gym on campus or working out anywhere.

  1. Tarte No Shower Happy Hour: When I saw that tarte had come out with some kits like this I was ecstatic!  I not only own this one but also their Gym essentials kit and a few others.  The reason I love this one is because it has the tinted moisturizer, dry shampoo (which smells soooo good!) and their deodorant.  I know what your thinking… why do any of that to workout.  The answer is you don’t.  But I do need this for after the workout.
  2. Nike Lunarglide 8: I cannot tell you how much I love these shoes.  I have always worn saucony before now.  But when I went shoe shopping and couldn’t find them I decided to get me these.  I fell in love!
  3. Fabletics Leggings: Now I’m not saying that these are the only leggings that you will ever need, but I will say that these are really great for everything.  I love leggings of any kind, but my fabletics are some of my favorite to wear.  And I have no problems saying that I live in my leggings!
  4. Sports Bra: I loved the look of this bra… however, once I tried it on (it’s from Fabletics) I’ve decided I love my bras from Victoria Secret better.
  5. Tarte Lifted Mascara: I can’t tell you how much I love this mascara.  This one by tarte is not only sweatproof (workout-proof) but it is also cry proof.
  6. Phone Sport Holder: If you are going to be going on a run or walk, having a place for your phone, that is not going to get sweaty, is a great idea.
  7. Beats Wireless Headphones: It’s been a few months since I got my first pair of over the ear, Beats studio wireless headphones.  Now I wouldn’t recommend these if you were going to go running on the road or something, but if you are in the gym these would be great.
  8. Cute Workout Tops: I can probably say that I own more workout tops than regular… and I really don’t workout that much.  I just find them so much more comfy and cool during the summer months.
  9. tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue: This has fast become one of my favorite products to use during the day.  Unlike a regular balm this one has that slight bit of color and is so nourishing for your lips that I use it daily.

  10. Boxer Braids: When you have long hair like mine (it’s all the way to my butt right now!) getting your hair out of your face for a workout is key to your sanity.  I love this style because you can just keep your hair like this and if you have to hurry for something else your hair still looks like you tried.

Well these are my top workout must haves.  What are your go to workout needs?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!

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