Dirty 30’s List Update

Hey Guys!

Well this is my update on my Dirty 30’s Birthday year list.  I’ll admit that it has been a rough couple of months since I posted my list and I haven’t really strayed far from home.  But lets see if I accomplished anything since the 6 months I posted this.

  1. Go out of the Country. (Somewhere not Mexico!)
  2. Visit Disneyland/world and Universal Studios!
  3. Travel on a train somewhere random and explore!
  4. Actually do something on my 32nd Birthday! (well as crappy as it sounds I had to not only work on my birthday but I also had a 20 page paper due the next day so I postponed doing something for a while.)
  5. Get my passport.
  6. Try as many recipes as possible from what I’ve saved from pintrest and online. (So far I’ve done 5)
  7. Go into an airport and buy a plane ticket and go somewhere.
  8. Travel First class somewhere.
  9. Create my first YouTube Video.
  10. Get another tattoo. I’ve been talking with my sister who has designed my next 2 tattoos and I also have plans for another 2!
  11. Go Horseback riding
  12. Go to New York.
  13. Pet/ride an elephant.
  14. See the Hollywood sign in person.
  15. Try all the best and most famous burgers in Texas. I’ve tried a few places and so far I’m not that impressed with them.  But I’m going to keep looking!
  16. Go to the Texas State Fair.
  17. Go on a road trip.
  18. Stay in New Orleans for a week.
  19. Go camping.
  20. Go back and float the river again. (This hasn’t been completed yet, but I’ve got the trip paid for and we go in August)
  21. Go hiking on Enchanted Rock. (It’s only 2 hrs 47 minutes away… great day trip and possibly camping!)
  22. Fill a Truck bed full of blankets and pillows and go stargazing.
  23. Go on a cruise.
  24. Participate in the Run or Dye again.
  25. See a Broadway Play/Musical. (I would take an off broadway play/musical too!)
  26. Go to a Masquerade ball.
  27. Buckle down and write at least half of my book.
  28. Finish writing my book.
  29. Take my mom on the vacation of her dreams.
  30. Visit Ground Zero.
  31. Buy my first car.
  32. Buy my first home.
  33. Take a Picture with every state sign in America.
  34. Visit the Salem Witch House/Museum.
  35. Climb the steps of the Mayan ruins.
  36. Get Fit.
  37. Take a photo everyday for a year and then post them.
  38. Go to a haunted house.
  39. Leave a note in a library book.
  40. Send a letter/present to a soldier.
  41. Be in a professional photo shoot.
  42. Create a recipe book. It’s not professionally done or anything, but Create 365 has a Recipe planner extension.  So I put in all the recipes that were my grandmothers and great-grandmothers in them for my sister for Mother’s day!
  43. Finish the Dimes challenge.
  44. Go on a Date to a zoo.
  45. Create a reading nook.
  46. Stand in all four states at one time. (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah)
  47. Throw a Harry Potter Party.
  48. Rent a house/apartment/room on airbnb.
  49. Take underwater pictures.
  50. Actually post vlogs that I make.

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