Summer Reading List Update: June

Hey Guys!

Well one of these days I’ll make sure that when I schedule a post it actually is scheduled… :/  

Well the end of June is upon us and I’m updating ya’ll on how my summer reading is going.  So far, it hasn’t been too bad.  I’m making headway on my list, with a few other books thrown in for good measure.


Well not too bad for the month of June.  What book/s are you reading right now?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!


One thought on “Summer Reading List Update: June

  1. Holy cow! This is awesome! I really wish I found more joy in reading, I just always seem to dread it. But this is awesome; seriously great job! From the girl who can barely read one book a year (if that…I’m not exaggerating), I am envious! xoxo


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