Book Talk: Audio Books?

Hey guys!

I’m back at you with another book talk post.  Last time was about eBooks or physical books.  Today will be the merits of audio books.

Before I had an iPhone… or smart phone really, I had never really done books on tape or cd or anything like that.  But after more than 4 years of driving back and forth to both school and work and then home I can’t tell you how I survived with out them.  In fact, I have over 70 books on my audible account, and I listen and re-listen to them constantly.  I usually have anywhere between 3-5 that I’m listening to at any one time.  With the constant driving back and forth I can usually finish a book every 2 or 3 days.

That being said, it’s ok, if you don’t like audio books or there’s a reason you can’t listen to them.  I have a friend who falls asleep to the sound of a person reading to her.  I’m just grateful that I can because my long drives would be that much more boring and dangerous because I get sleepy driving home at 10:30 at night.  These books keep me awake and I couldn’t be any happier that the authors gave permission for their works to be converted.

Although, have you ever listened to a book, one that you love mind you, and from the first words out of the narrator’s mouth you shut it off and return it.  I’ve done that to a few books over the last couple of years.  Either their voice is too monotone or just the sound of it is annoying and irritating.  But for whatever reason I just couldn’t get passed a few minutes of it.

I’ve also had audio books that I did not own the book for and after listening to it I bought the book too.  That was actually how I got into 3 of my favorite series right now.

Some of my favorite books will have more than one narrator.  Most of the ones I listen to have at least two.  There are a few of them that have a full cast with music and sounds.  It’s almost like listening to a movie without watching it.  Those kind of make me wish they were movies.

Do you like audio books?  What are your favorite ones to listen to?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!



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