Summer Reading List

Hey Guys!

Sooooo…. as I’m sure you’ve realized, I love to read.  Unfortunately, my reading list has yet to see the light of day and seems to keep getting longer every day that goes by.  So I’m going to create a reading list and see if I can finish it by August 28th when classes start up.

I’m listing these by series name because I’m a huge series reader.

  1. Death Escorts series by Cambria Hebert
  2. Heven and Hell Series by Cambria Hebert
  3. Take It Off series by Cambria Hebert
  4. Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward
  5. Black Dagger Legacy series by JR Ward
  6. Dark Carpathians series by Christine Feehan
  7. Drake Sisters series by Christine Feehan
  8. Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart series by Christine Feehan
  9. Leopard People series by Christine Feehan

And I better stop… at least for now, because some of these series are really long… like more than 10 book in a series.  I’ll update at the end of the month and see where I am on this list!  Of course I may end up reading books not on this series if I find some that look that good.

Until Next Time!


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