Favorite Places to read

Hey Guys!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that has their absolute favorite place that they love to read or relax at.  Mine happens to be on my back porch.  I’ve done a post where I showed my favorite place at my home, in it I shared pictures of my back porch.

There is just something about going outside in the morning with a cup of coffee and my book (whether it is in eBook format or in physical form) and read a few chapters or going out in the evening to listen to the quite of the world as I read a blog post or two or a few more chapters in my current obsession.  Right now I happen to be reading Commander in Chief by Katy Evans, the second book in her White house series and #GirlBoss by  Sophia Amoruso.

What book are you reading right now?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!



2 thoughts on “Favorite Places to read

  1. Jeffrey Schaffer says:

    Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts: Mussolini’s Elite Armoured Divisions in North Africa. Yes, I do read history for fun….


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