Make Up things I Suck at

Hey Guys!
So I’ve been doing more with my make up lately… definitely a lot more than I’ve ever done before.  I’ve learned more about what to do with what and what goes with what.  I love buying and trying new things and learning how to do them (YouTube is amazing for this!).  But there are also some things about me that don’t change and there are many things that I’ve learned I just suck at doing.  So below are a few of those things that no matter what I can’t seem to get right.
  1. Winged Liner… or Liner of any kind                                                                            You know I think this is one of those things that you either can do or you can’t.  I have tried so many different hacks and I never seem to get it… I either look like a raccoon or there’s nothing there.  There are times that I think oh yea I’ve got this and I can get one eye to come out semi okay… then go and try the other one and end up having to take off all my eye make up.  I’ve just given up on it… If I want it done I’ll just wait til my sister can do it for me or I’ll just go and get it done.
  2. Creating a more than one color Eye shadow Look… or you know just putting it on in general                                                                                                      I know I’m not the only one who will sit for hours watching YouTube videos in the hopes that some of their genius will rub off on me.  In moments of grandeur I’ll decide that it doesn’t look so hard and attempt some of the looks I see… notice how I said attempt.  Yea… it usually doesn’t end to well. I basically end up looking like a clown or sometimes I swear it’s worse.    All I know is that the smokey eyes is just way to hard for me so I know not to attempt it anymore.  Besides have you ever tried following a tutorial for beginners?  I have, I’m apparently not even a beginner… I’m like a toddler.
  3. Cleaning Makeup brushes… sponges… or my utensils…                                          Ok, I’ll admit that this isn’t something that I really suck at, but it’s just something that I rarely do… usually I use my beauty blender.  It should probably be cleaned too but I’m pretty lazy about it.  Logically, I know that I really should wash them… but I really would be doing everything but that.  Usually this means by the time I get around to doing it (ie: when my sister looks at them and yells at me for it), it takes far too long to get them done than if I just washed them weekly.  I’ll work on it I promise.
  4. Checking The Expiration Dates on my products                                                        There are expiration dates on make up!  Ok, ok, I know make up has expiration dates but usually I don’t even think about it.  I usually don’t throw things away until either I notice a weird smell or my sister goes through my collection and starts weeding out the bad stuff.  Mainly because most of the make up I buy is expensive brands and some that are said to be really good dupes for them to see how they compare.  But I really don’t want throw out my expensive pallets and lipsticks.  Usually the ones that I actually look at are the mascaras or eye liners… mainly because those go into my eyes and the last thing I want is an infection in my eyes.  Again this is something that I’ll be working on because I logically know that using expired products is horrible for my skin.
  5. Highlighting and Contouring                                                                                          This is relatively new for me to figure out… I had no idea what any of this was until I started watching YouTube a few years ago.  While I think I’ve kinda gotten a handle on the highlighting, I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out the reason behind contouring your face (I’m not even gonna mention everything else I’ve seen on YouTube that has to do with contouring!).  I usually have 3 go to make up days… my “oh crap I’m late day”, my “ok I’ve got 5 minutes I can spare day” and my “I’ve got an hour to spare lets do this day”.  However, none of these days have anything to do with contouring my face… mainly because I really don’t want to look like a clown who tried way to hard a failed.
Questions of the Day: So what did you think?  What are some beauty/makeup things that you suck at? Comment down below.
Until Next Time!

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