Book Genie Wishes

Hey Guys!

So I’m probably the nerdiest girl out there for even thinking of books when it comes to a genie granting wishes, but what can I say… I love books and to read!  I’m not even sure that I would need 3 wishes but I’ll give it a go.

  • A library like Belle’s in Beauty and the Beast! Either the one from the cartoon or the one from the new movie… I’m not too picky!
  • Ok, so this one isn’t really for me but it’s something that I would love to happen.  That every child who wants to read and have books can have that opportunity.str2_shgreadswish_sharmilla_4_abby
  • That I can go to one of the author’s conventions or book signings.               The one chance that I had that I could go to, I had a family emergency and wasn’t able to go.  It’s very seldom that I find any authors come to south Texas… or even the major cities in Texas that I can make it to.

What are your 3 book Genie wishes?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!


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