What’s On My iPhone

Hey Guys!

Well a while back I did a post on my favorite apps and I mentioned that if ya’ll wanted I would do a what’s on my iPhone post.  I got a response saying yes… so this is what’s on my iPhone 7 Plus phone.

  • Just like any other phone I have most of my apps in folders…. this keeps me from having not only a cluttered phone screen where I can’t find what I’m looking for.
  • The top row of folders just has my weather apps and all the stock standard ones that are always on the phone.
  • My next folder is my photography folder.  This is where I put anything that has to do with pictures or editing pictures… oh and snapchat.
  • Next is my Social media folder… which is pretty random but that’s just what goes there.
  • As you can probably already tell I’m a huge book reader.  So it would stand to reason that I would have a folder just for my books.
  • One of the things I do constantly is check my email, so having them in their own little folder is my way of finding the app when I need it.


  • This is my games folder… I’m constantly changing up what I’m playing but these are the ones that pretty much stay in it.
  • Next is my adult folder… meaning my banking apps and my bills apps
  • Not gonna lie… While I have 5 pages in this folder, most of these apps don’t get used on a regular basis.  But every time I delete one I end up needing it soon after, so I just keep them all.
  • This is the folder that I use for the apps that I use for school.  In some way or another I use these apps for my school work.
  • This folder I use for any app that has to do with traveling… It’s useful to have, I’m not saying that I use these everyday, but they do get use at least every month or so…except for postmates.  I haven’t made it yet to a city that has one yet.
  • Shopping… need I say more.  These are the apps that I use to online shop or to look for things when I need them.
  • These are my food apps.  Each one helps keep my rewards for each in one place so that I can keep track of them.
  • I have these apps under lifestyle but they really could go under random.


  • My fitness apps … I can honestly say that I don’t use these all that often but I do use them on occasion.
  • I’ve always been one who if they could pay less for the same product I would totally jump on it.  These are the coupon apps that I love.
  • It hasn’t even been a year for me since I converted to Catholicism so in this app I use the apps to keep up with the prayers that I haven’t memorized yet and to find churches when I go out of town.
  • This folder is on the last page of my phone… mainly because this is where I keep the games that my cousin and nephew are allowed to use on my phone.  If I don’t keep it separate then they get into all my apps.


Well these are all the apps that are on my new iPhone 7plus.  Question of the day: What kind of phone do you have and what are your ride or die apps? Comment down below.

Until Next Time!






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