My 1st 2nd Person POV Story

Hey Guys!

So a few semesters ago I took a creative writing class that I thought would be a fun class.  (really and truly it was a fun, but it was also a ton of work, especially during the semester that I took it in.)  One of the things that I had to do was write a 2nd Person POV story.  This was the first time I’ve ever written in this way, I’ve written other stories before but never in 2nd person.  I had fun writing it and after a while got the hang of which words to use (because you aren’t supposed to use I in this and that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.) and which ones that I had to steer clear of.

So for today’s post I thought I’d share one of my original stories with you to see what ya’ll think of it.

The Unknown

You wake up inside a room.  You’re not sure where you are or how you got there.  What are you doing here?  You look around the room and notice that you are the only one there.  Weren’t you with somebody before this?  You feel scared as you realize that you can’t remember.  You cross over to the other side of the room.  Looking around you take notice of the chairs that are on one side, old and rickety as they are.  You keep looking, for what you are unsure.  On the other side of the room there is a large mirror that is hanging on the wall on top of a table.  You cross over to look into it.

The person staring back at you looks unfamiliar, you began to feel even more afraid as you realize you don’t know who you are.  Your reflection is dim because there is very little light.  But you see your dark hair and dark brown eyes.  The look on your face shows the true fear that you are possessed of right now.  You are dressed in jeans that have rips in them a green t-shirt and black converse.  You turn away from the mirror and look around again.  Should you stay in this room, was there a reason for you being here? Or was there another reason.  You make the decision to leave the room, to go look around and maybe find a way out.

It’s grey outside, and dreary as you wander around the deserted amusement park.  How did you get here?  You barely notice the rain as it lightly hits you.  The air is cold as you walk, biting in its lightness as it hits you.  Should you turn here, or should you go back where you came from?

How long have you been wandering around? Five minutes? Thirty? An hour? More? Lost, that is what you feel.  And sad, and scared. You’re not sure why but something around you is scaring you.  You wonder where is everybody?  Are there others here, lost and lonely?

Keep on going is what you tell yourself.  The exit is somewhere, you just have to find it.  Did someone trap you here?  Is that why you are here?  You were…. Where were you before you were here?  You make a turn down a path and you come to an empty pool.  You look at it and its nothing but concrete, cold and hard.

The grey stone is almost matches the exact color of the sky that is raining down on you.  Wrong turn… you turn around and go back the other way, maybe the way out is that way.  As you keep on going, you look around.  You’re still unsure how long you have been here.  All you are sure of is that you are getting hungry.  Will you find your way out before it is too late?

As you wander you take in your surroundings.  The ground seems to be made of a cobbled stone, except for the weeds that are poking through the cracks.  The park actually seems to be overtaken by nature.  Everywhere you look there is some kind of green or brown in some places that are taking back the grounds.  The trees seemed to be never-ending, you can’t actually see where one ends and the others begin seemingly blending into the abandoned building.

You find a building that looks like might hold some hope for you.  You reach forward to check the door.  It was massive, large and wooden with an intricate design.  Kind of like it was pulled from some past place.  There were vines that decorated the top and bottom panels, and three center panels that each held a carving of an animal.  One held a wolf, another a bear, the last an eagle.     Will it be unlocked?  But no, it’s locked.  There must be something.  Anything, that can lead you to the outside.  You keep on going… but each building, everything you come to is locked.

You keep on going, the buildings seem to almost be frozen in time.  On one side you look and see stone walls, all painted in fading colors of blue, red and orange.  These buildings had spire looking towers and roofs.  Each held and opening that was sealed with massive wooden doors.  Each one locked as you check.  You decide that maybe you should check somewhere else.  So you head in a different direction.

This new direction you see colossal structures that seem to have taken on an orange-ish hue due to the amount of rust that encase the metal.  The one that looms in front of you is large and circular.  Looking at it the name for it pops into your head.  Farris Wheel.  It looked like a giant tire wheel with spokes in the middle.  Only it had baskets that at one time would have hordes of people lining to get into, so that they could feel as if they were flying.  It was rusted, but was probably painted in pink or red in its prime.  Probably a color that would make people feel happy and laugh.  Not a feeling that you were getting right then.

You look around.  You are confused.  Why would you even be here to begin with?  You don’t understand what is going on.  You decide to rest.  Maybe resting for a while will restore some of your strength.

It is dark when you wake up again.  You didn’t mean to fall asleep, you just wanted to rest.  Now you are certain that you are hungry.  You get up and look around, there has to be somewhere that has food.  Something that will ease the ache in your belly.  You sometimes wonder if maybe it would have been better if you hadn’t woken up.  You would not be like this.

You come to a building that looks promising.  There are vending machines.  You look around for something that could possibly break the glass.  But then you stop… what is that … what is that?  You look around, there it was again.  A noise.  A noise that you had not heard before.  It stops.  Maybe it was nothing.  You look around again.  You begin notice your surroundings.  You see the shadows playing at the walls.  You look around for what was casting it, and you see … nothing.  There should be something. Shouldn’t there?  You hear it again, that noise that nothing is making.  Should you go looking for the noise?  You decide that maybe that isn’t a good idea so instead you continue to look for something to break the glass.  You finally find a rock.  Will it be big enough?  You are not sure, but you have to try.

It took you a few tries but you finally broke the glass.  You grab a few things to eat for right then and wedge yourself into the space between the wall and the machine.  At least here there was cover, you aren’t getting wet.  As you eat you decide that maybe you should stay where you are for a while.  Eating something has made you sleepy all of a sudden.  Sleep sounds really good. Deciding that staying here wedged between the wall and the machine is probably safer than finding a bench. You decide that maybe tomorrow will be better.  You close your eyes to sleep.

It looks like it is barely morning when you wake up.  The sun is starting to show through the abandoned rides, and the trees that had overtaken the park.  You look around, and decided to grab something to eat from the machine.  As you eat, you think that maybe you should grab some more to bring with you.  You are not sure you will be able to find this place again if you leave it.

You leave your haven… you hesitate.  Should you leave here?  You were safe here.  There is a place to stay dry and there was food.  But you push forward anyway.  Today you decide that maybe you should go in another direction.  So you go … and go… and go.  You keep walking, grateful for the fact that there is no rain today.  Being wet and cold another day was not something that you had been looking forward to.

You lose track of the time as you wander.  How long have you been here?

You are beginning to lose hope when you see it.  What you have been searching for.  It looks large from where you stand, it looked so far away.  Is that a wall?

You rush forward… it is a wall.  Just over that side could be that answer that you are looking for.  But wait… what if the other side is worse than what you have already endured?  Should you just stay here… in this abandoned and broken semblance of a world?  Is the unknown you have been searching for worth it?

You come up to the wall.  You hesitate… you reach forward and touch it.  It doesn’t look that high.  Could you climb it? Probably.  You hesitate again.  You could fall, slip and break something.  But if you stay here you would be alone. Is the unknown worth it?

You wait and back up.  You walk over to the base of the wall and reach out.  It was weathered, a type of stone that stood up well to the elements.  It was rough beneath your hands.  There seemed to be plenty of places that you could slide your hands and your feet.  Deciding that whatever is on the other side.  What you find, it has to be better than what is here.  You begin your ascent.


What you never see is the paper sitting at the base of the wall, right near to where you were.  On it was written in bright red,


Don’t let them see you’re afraid!


Well.  What did you think?  I had fun writing this and surprisingly everyone in class actually liked it. (which was rare in my class, we never agreed on anything.)  Question of the Day: Have you ever considered writing or taken a class like creative writing that required you to write stories or poems?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!



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