How I afford my Starbucks Habit

Hey Guys!

So I brought this up in my “College Life: Commuting” post, I have a Starbucks problem, and getting my coffee daily can add up.  I’ve cut down on the costs by making my first cup at home.  I have a few favorites that I use with my Keurig but right now my #1 pick is the Starbucks Mocha Caffè Latte k-cup, to which I then add my current favorite creamer International Delight Sweet Cream.  But for the most part I end up paying for my coffee.

  • The first thing that helps me save money is the fact that I downloaded the Starbucks app to keep track of all my Starbucks cards.  Anytime I get a new one I add it to the app and merge it with my main card that is stored on the account.  Using the app helps keep track of what you always order, or your stars (points) that you get whenever you use your card.  The great thing is that when ever you hit 125 Stars then you get a free drink or reward of your choice (Tip: if you are going to get a drink, grab the biggest on they have since it’s free anyway why get a small!)
  • The main way that I that I can afford buying Starbucks as much as I do is that I found a way to earn free gift cards.  It wasn’t too long ago that I found this app called Shopkick… and let me tell you it is amazing!  The images below are from my own Shopkick account… The best thing about this is that you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to.  But those items that you do buy help you with more points towards you Shopkick account.  Like at Best Buy you get 2 points for every dollar you spend and the best thing is that there are lots of stores that participate.  This is great for those do nothing weekends where you’re bored, you can take off to the Mall or Wal-Mart or Target and just walk around and scan the barcodes that they have for you and earn points for it.  There are even some stores that give you points just for walking in.

For the most part this is how I’m able to buy as much Starbucks as I do, the other way is that most of my family know that I love Starbucks, so they usually give me gift cards for Christmas or birthdays.  Question of the Day: Are you a coffee addict?  How do you pay your coffee fix ?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!


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