Monthly Favorites: January 2017

Hey Guys!

So hi… I decided last minute that I would be doing this post this month (probably has something to do with me procrastinating on writing my paper for my class)  so I decided to look back over the last month and see what my favorites were.


  1. Tarte:  Amazonian Clay 12 hour full coverage foundation in the color Medium-Tan Honey.  I love this foundation, not that I wear make up all that often, but when I do I love the coverage of this one.
  2. Tarte: Tartlette Tease palette
  3. Benefit Cosmetics: Precisely My Brow in the number 6, I bought the kit at Macy’s but you can also find it online.
  4. Benefit Cosmetics: boi-ing full coverage concealer industrial-strength concealer, This stuff is amazing in covering up spots and redness.
  5. Benefit Cosmetics: Dandelion Box o’Powder, I’ve got a more olive skin tone than a pink blush will usually be good for, but this one is perfect.
  6. Not Your Mother’s: Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, This product is amazing, my absolute favorite right now!

Skin Care:

  1. Tarte: I decided to try the skin care products from Tarte.  This was a great choice for me because not only did they have a travel kit that was only $10 that way I could try it and see if I liked it but it worked really well with my really picky skin.
  2. Tarte: If there is one thing that I’ve discovered it’s that there is nothing more important than your skin.  I usually start my morning off with a moisturizer that has an spf in it to help guard my skin.  I’ve recently added this 30 spf sunscreen by tarte, I love how light weight it is.  I usually mix this up with my moisturizer to give it an added boost.
  3. Tarte: I’m also all about that travel size grab and go products.  I’ve also go super dry skin most of the time.  I usually steer clear of oils because while I have dry skin I also have oily skin.  You’d think that wouldn’t possible but my skin proves that wrong.  However, when I add this one to my moisturizer it gives it just that little bit extra that my skin needs.  You can also get this in the roller ball here.


  1. Victoria Secret Lounge Bras:  This may be too much info but I’ve always been a girl who loved her underwire bras… but I recently found these lounge bras and I love them!
  2. Vans Slip-ons: These are some of the most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever worn.
  3. Nikes Lunarglide 7:  I can’t say enough about these shoes.  I love them!  I also couldn’t find the ones that I bought, but I recommend going into an actual Nike store or athletic shoe store to buy your shoes.


  1. Kindle and iBooks app: Ok so this isn’t exactly stationary, but with these two apps I’ve been able to switch between hard copy versions of my school books to my phone when I need to.
  2. My Planner: Because I’m not sure I would survive school or life without this thing!  I’m also excited to say that I got my sister started on using a planner now.


  1. The Hashtag Series: this series is from Cambria Hebert, I’m also obsessed with her Gearshark Series, which is a spin off of her hashtag series.  Not gonna lie every time she has a new book coming out I end up re-reading her entire series.  I also have her audio books on repeat.
  2. The Harry Potter Series: Does this really need an explanation?  I started to read this with both my little cousin and nephew before bed.  I’m super stoked that they are enjoying it.

Movies and Tv:

  1. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
  2. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  3. Inferno
  4. Glee
  5. Penny Dreadful
  6. Supernatural
  7. The Magicians

Food:  This doesn’t really change much… 

  1. Fried Pickles- I know this isn’t healthy, but I’ve been all about the fried pickles this month.
  2. Hot: White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks
  3. Iced: Grande Skinny Soy Vanilla Latte with a mocha drizzle
  4. Venti Shaken Passion sweet tea Lemonaid from Starbucks
  5. Pumpkin Loaf bread from Starbucks
  6. Fried Rice Bowl with Sweet Fire Chicken and a side of String Bean Chicken from Panda Express

Well that’s it for my favorites for this month.                                                                               Until Next Time!                                                                                                                                      Tabby

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