DIY Subscription Box: BFF Book Box Edition 2

Hey Guys!

So last month you saw the Marvel/DC book box that I made for my friend Jax.  This month her theme is #hashtag.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll have realized that one of my all time favorite book series is the Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert.  So that is what I’m basing her box on this month.

This is what is in this month’s box:

  • #NEED A NAP cup
  • BAE WATCH cup
  • Nerds Rule mug
  • 2 # sticky note pads
  • # light up marquee
  • Apple Cider Mix & Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Fries before Guys marshmallows
  • #nofilter magnet
  • 2 Books: A Tale of Two Besties & The Different Girl

What do you think guys?  Question of the Day: Do prefer to buy stuff and create your own Subscription box or do you usually like what comes in yours?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!




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