Week 1 – 21 Day Shred

Hey Guys!

So as I said last week I’m doing the 21 day shred (my attempt) to kick start my health and fitness goals for 2017.  2016 was a hard year for me both physically and mentally.  At the beginning of the next week I’ll be posting about how I did the previous week during my journey.  As a way to keep myself honest, I’ll be adding pictures of what I’m eating as well as posting on Instagram and Snapchat (be sure to follow me to watch my progress Instagram: @tabithajeanett, Snapchat @tabbyja).

If you read my last shred post you got to see my prep for the first day of the program.  This is how my first week went.

It’s Shred Time

1/9 – Day 1

6:30 am: Breakfast time – Egg scramble with avocado and Turkey bacon

10:00 am: Snack 1 – 1 Apple & 2 tbs peanut butter

12:00 pm: Lunch – Turkey sandwich and carrots

2:00 pm: Snack 2 – Greek Yogurt and blueberries (Not gonna lie, plain Greek yogurt tastes almost identical to sour cream… not the best)





5:30 pm: Dinner – Skinny Pineapple Salsa Chicken with brown rice

Day 2

6:30 am: Breakfast time – Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

10:00 am: Snack 1 – 9 Carrots, 9 grape tomatoes and 2 tbs hummus

12:00 pm: Lunch – Leftover Skinny Pineapple Salsa Chicken with Brown Rice

2:00 pm: Snack 2 – Green Power Smoothie

5:30 pm: Dinner – I wasn’t feeling well, so I’ll admit that I skipped dinner and went straight to bed


And I hate to say this guys but I got sick here and haven’t been following the diet plan… mainly because I can’t keep anything down.  So I’ll be picking this up again in a few weeks and trying again.  I’m not giving up but right now isn’t the best time to be forcing myself to eat and getting sick after.

Until Next Time!



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