I’m doing the 21 Day Shred Challenge by Skinny Mom

Hi Guys!

Well, I’m at it again.  Trying to be healthy and all that other stuff.  Anyway, for the next 21 days I will be posting my journey on the 21 Day Shred challenge.  I’m hoping with me posting about it I’ll have to keep going on it.  I’ll be posting what I’m eating, what my exercise is and my before and after results.  I’m hoping to get my cousin Christina (I was able to also convince my mother and my cousin Korena to join as well!) to join me on this (maybe more if I can convince them).  But I’ll let you know.  I may just be having a guest writer in the form of my friend writing about her own experiences, but we’ll see.

I first found the shred challenge back in 2015 when it was the 10 Day shred (I lost 10 pounds on it), then last year the creator of the 10 Day shred created the 21 Day shred. Due to health (injuries) issues I wasn’t able to participate.  But this year I decided to join in.

Prep Time

1/7 – Saturday

Since I had other running around to do in the Corpus anyway, I decided it would be better to do my grocery shopping there.  I was able to split it up into 3 different stores (Dollar Tree, HEB, and Walmart) so that it came out the best priced for me to do this on.  (I may check and see what the price differences are for Sams (the bulk store near me) and Target and see if I can knock the prices down)

I started out at the Dollar Tree first (the few that I go to have freezers) and was able to get quite a few checked off the list.  My total spent here was $41.91 (mind you this isn’t including me picking up things like batteries and some random stuff I thought I needed)

At HEB I spent 131.22, this is where I bought the majority of my groceries for 3 people for the week.  Hopefully, some of what I bought this week will transfer over for next week as well and I won’t have to buy as much, but we’ll see.

At Walmart I spent around $70, I can’t remember the exact amount, but it was around there.  Not to bad all things considered.

1/8 – Sunday

After running to Beeville to grab the last 3 items I needed (as well as another grouping of foods for another person to join) I began to prep for Day 1.

This is a picture of the what will essentially be lunch and snack for Day 1.








I also chopped up everything that would be needed for dinner for day one as well.  This will be my method for each of the following days.  The day (or night really) before, I’ll be looking at the checklist and what will be needed for the next day and prepare it. This will be a big help for when I start school back up again next week.    As a way to keep myself honest, I’ll be adding pictures of what I’m eating as well as posting on Instagram and Snapchat (be sure to follow me to watch my progress Instagram: @tabithajeanett, Snapchat @tabbyja).  

Question of the day: What was your new year resolution?  What tips do you have for sticking to being healthy?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!




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