Semester Goals: Fall 2016 Update

Hey Guys!

Well I hope everyone had a great, happy and safe New Year!  Since it’s January this is usually the time people are making their resolutions for the year, however, since I’m also a full time student my year is broken up into a Fall & Spring semester and Summer time.  This past semester (Fall 2016) I decided to create some goals to try and work towards during the first part of my year.  Keeping my year broken up into 3 parts helps give a clean slate if I need it and something to look forward to: a new beginning.  I actually forgot that I was supposed to do this blog post until my reminder sounded on my phone yesterday to start the new goals for the Spring Semester.  But here it is, if only a little late.

For the Fall I decided on 10 goals to shoot towards.  This way it was nothing to hard and easily manageable.  This is how I came out with my goals:

1. Get at least a B in my classes.

Result: ✓ Success!  This semester was a wake up call for me.  Before this I was simply an undergraduate with a workload that signified that as well.  However, this was my first semester as a graduate student and it showed in the amount of work that we were assigned.  I struggled, but in the end I passed with a B in both of my classes.  I can’t tell you how happy I was when I received my grades.

2. Try and get my assignments done before the day they are due.

Result: ✓  This was a overall success.  With only one exception… When I didn’t read what time one assignment was due and I had next to no time to revise an entire paper.  The paper itself was done but I had to look over the corrections that two peer editors had done and do an overhaul on it.  Overall, I really excited that I got them done and with the overall grades that I got on them as well.

3. Work out at least 2 a week. (I’m going to make an effort, but we’ll see.)

Result: X  This was a massive failure this semester.  Not for lack of trying, more of a combination of things.  Most of which was the lack of motivation.  But I also got sick right at the beginning of the semester, I learned that you shouldn’t eat the potato salad at the school if it’s been in the sun all day, then once I finally got better from that I ended up on crutches for almost two months, then by the time I knew, it was already December and I got sick again.  Needless to say this was not my best semester… at all.

4. Spend more time with my family and friends.

Result: ✓  I really was able to this one more than I thought I’d be able to.  Especially since I have two jobs.  However, I made time.  During the weeks where I would work the weekend I would stay with my aunt and bring my mom along so that we could have a girls weekend.  Or the weekends or weeks that I didn’t have to work I’d take off to see my sister.  Overall, it was a success.  The only way to spend more time is to make it happen.

5. Actually stick to my budget. (for food, or other things)

Result: X   Well this is another area where I failed miserably.  I tried hard to not eat out a lot and for the most part I succeeded, but I really didn’t stick to my budget at all.

6. Reach my activity goals on my watch each day/week.

Result: X While there were some days I kicked them all out of the park, for the most part I failed miserably.  This is something that I’m hoping to working on harder.

7. Post on each of the days I’ve assigned a post on HomeTownGirlWriter.

Result: ✓ I actually rocked this one with the exception of a couple of days, but I usually posted the next day instead.  I even did Blogmas this year and with the exception of two days I rocked it and posted each and every day leading up to Christmas.  I’ve even done extra posts on some weeks.  So I’m super happy about this.

8. Save at least 10% of my paychecks each week.

Result: X  I can’t believe that I failed this one.  It’s a lot harder than it looks trying to save money.  It started out great I had actually saved around $500 then I had to use it during the semester.  So this is something that I’m going to be working harder at.

9. Make my bed and pick up things in my room each morning. (In my hope for a clean room/house.)

Result: X   Well I started out strong on this… for about a week.  Then between school and my two jobs I just sort of lost any motivation I had in doing this.  Maybe next time.

10. Take time for myself each week.

Result: ✓  Completed! I made sure that each week I had at least 30 minutes to an hour for myself.  Whether it was just to read a book that I wanted or to take a long bubble bath, it was my me time.  I especially needed this last semester because it was a rough one.  This is something that I’ll keep working towards as the semesters come and go.


5/10 Goals Completed

Well I made half, not bad for the first time I’m attempting this.  I’ll be doing this again this semester and seeing how I do on it.  It was fun to have something to reach for.  It also had the added bonus of reminding me that I had to focus on me and not forget about myself during the semester.

Question of the day: Did you set goals for yourself during the fall semester?  How did you do?  Comment down below.

Until Next Time!


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