End of Year Wrap Up: 2016

Hey Guys!

This is my end of Year Wrap Up and holy crap can you believe that 2016 is over already! On here you will see what’s happened in my life, what I’ve read (if I even had time to read!)  what I’m listening to, what’s on my to read and listen to list.  I’ll also post a list of all the blogs that I’ve posted all year.

Well this one heck of a year.  From my busy work and school schedule to me getting injured.. and sick… it’s been hectic to say the least.

Going on in my Life:          

  • I started Graduate school!
  • Had a new niece be born
  • I passed my first semester in graduate school!
  • I’ve been thinking about my education lately and right now I’m seriously questioning myself and whether I want to and can afford to continue.  I know that it’ll be worth it in the end, but do I really want to wrack up the debt to finish.  I’m not sure right now… but I’ll figure it out.

I’d like to thank  all of the people who have read and followed my blogs this year.  I’ve enjoyed writing for ya’ll this year! My goal for 2017 is to have at least 50 follower by the end of the year.

Below is a list of things that I’ve read, am reading, am listening to, and is on my to read list.  I’ve also linked each one so that they are easier for you to find.

Books I’ve Read in July:

Books I’ve Read in August:

Books I’ve Read in September:

Books I’ve Read in October:

  • Good Girl Gone by Tammy Falkner

Books I’ve Read in November:

  • Good Girl Gone by Tammy Falkner
  • Holding Her Hand by Tammy Falkner
  • Yes You by Tammy Falkner
  • Always April by Tammy Falkner
  • Apache Magic by Janis Reams Hudson
  • Apache Promise by Janis Reams Hudson

What I’m Currently Reading:

Books I’m Reading For School: 

  • I’m happy to say that I’m done with my school readings… at least for a little while.  Right now I’m on winter break right now and school doesn’t start again until almost the end of January.  But I had a grand total of over 30 books that I had to read for school for just two classes.

What I’m Listening to (Audible):                                                                                                      (this depends on my mood)

What I Finished on Audible:

I’m not going to lie, with the exception of every now and again, I’ve been listening to YouTube videos while I drive. :/

To Read list:

I have to say that my to read list isn’t getting any smaller… I haven’t really read much this month between getting sick and working… I’m hoping to get some major reading done this coming year.

Favorite Blog posts that I’ve discovered this month:

I’ve been doing better at catching up with the backlog of posts that I have wanted to read.  I’m still not caught up but I’m getting there.  But I’ve been enjoying posts that The Swirl have done as well as Hayle Olson, this year I’m looking forward to all the posts that will be coming.


My Posts for July:

  • 31 Day Blog Challenge
  • Blog Challenge Day # 1-29

My Posts for August:

  • Blog Challenge Day 30
  • Blog Challenge Day 31
  • Update on the Blog
  • End of Month Wrap Up: July
  • National Best Friends Day
  • #Nerd Book Review
  • Aspyn Ovard Subscription Box Opening and Review
  • River Trip June 2016
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review
  • Things to do before the New Semester Starts
  • What I’m Reading
  • Back to School Haul: Clothes and Accessories
  • Back To School Haul: Supplies
  • Summer Book Haul

My Posts for September:

  • #Bae Book Reveal
  • Up In Flames Book Review
  • What’s in my BackPack
  • How to stay Healthy in College
  • Book Tag
  • #Bae Release
  • 5 Easy and Healthy Breakfast ideas
  • #Bae Book Review
  • 5 Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas
  • 5 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas
  • iDrakula Book Review
  • National Coffee Day
  • Semester Goals: Fall 2016

My Posts for October:

  • End of Month Wrap up: September
  • What to expect: Classes & Grades
  • What I’m Reading
  • How to Create a Survival Kit
  • How to not go crazy: School Edition
  • Bookish Bingo: Fall 2016
  • So you’re Sick in College
  • Halloween Costume Ideas
  • My to Read list
  • I’ve Been Sorted… Have you!
  • Halloween Snack Ideas
  • My Harry Potter Life
  • My Favorite Workout Clothes
  • My Favorite YouTubers

My Posts for November:

  • Bookish Bingo: Fall 2016 Update
  • My Favorite Bloggers
  • End of Month Wrap up: October
  • Being a Woman in a Man’s Profession
  • Why I started Blogging
  • New Thanksgiving Recipes
  • iFrankenstein Review
  • Game Day Snacks: Thanksgiving Game
  • College Life: Exam Study Tips
  • What I’m Reading: September-November 2016
  • My Favorite Apps
  • Black Friday Haul
  • Fanfiction Favorites

My Posts for December:

  • Monthly Favorites: November
  • Blogmas Day 1: My Top 5 Christmas YouTube Videos to watch
  • Blogmas Day 2: How to Organize Blogging in December
  • End of Month Wrap Up: November
  • Blogmas Day 3: My Favorite Winter Beverage
  • Blogmas Day 4: 5 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts/ Secret Santa Gift Ideas
  • Blogmas Day 5: Gift Ideas for Her
  • Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Wish List
  • Blogmas Day 7: 15 Christmas Jokes & Pranks
  • Blogmas Day 8: Christmas Cookie Recipes
  • Blogmas Day 9: Elf on the Shelf Ideas
  • DIY Subscription Box: BFF Book Box Edition 1
  • Blogmas Day 10: Where to shop online for Christmas
  • Blogmas Day 11: Holiday Outfit Ideas
  • Blogmas Day 12: Gift Ideas for Him
  • Blogmas Day 13: Christmas on a Budget
  • #Hater Book Review
  • Blogmas Day 14: Snack Foods
  • Blogmas Day 15: Christmas/Winter Candle Collection
  • Blogmas Day 16: DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas
  • Blogmas Day 17: Holiday Tag
  • Blogmas Day 18: Favorite Christmas Movies
  • Blogmas Day 19: Stocking Stuffer ideas
  • Blogmas Day 20: Winter Hair Care Routine
  • Blogmas Day 21: Favorite Winter Fragrances
  • Beauty and The Beast Tag
  • Blogmas Day 22: Holiday/Christmas Sweets exchange
  • Blogmas Day 23: Winter Skin Routine
  • My Current Favorite: TV Shows
  • #Blur Update
  • What I got For Christmas
  • End of Year Wrap Up: 2016

You can find any of these on my main page and scrolling through my posts!

I’m super proud of the fact that I have been able to be pretty consistent in my posts on each of the three day’s that I’ve chosen, with some exceptions… due to either scheduling conflicts or illness.   I hope ya’ll have enjoyed the blog posts that I’ve created for you and will enjoy the ones to come.   Considering I only started posting in July I think I’ve done pretty well in my content and posts.      

Also just for fun I thought I’d show ya’ll some of my pictures from Snapchat that I loved this year!


Until Next Time!




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