#Blur Update

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while since I posted the Cover Reveal for Cambria Hebert’s new book #Blur.  She’s been posting teasers almost daily to tide us over until the books release on Janurary 10, 2017.  That’s only 13 more days, I for one can’t wait. You can find the facebook page here and sign up for the group.  People are usually posting daily on it, and this year we did a gift exchange through elfster that was fun.

You can also check out her personal website, cambriahebert.com for more information.  You’ll want to do this before the 10th as that will be when the Cambria and the facebook page will be hosting a Release blitz for the Release of #Blur.  Anyway, I will be a posting about the release in another special post on the 10th.

So to tide you over until the next post next here are some teasers for the book that Cambria has been sharing with us:

Well I hope ya’ll are just as excited as I am for this book!

Until Next Time!



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