Blogmas Day 16: DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

Hey Guys!

Does anyone else love looking at the different wrapping paper when you go to the store?  I’m weird I know, but I love just looking at the wrapping paper isle.  So when I was watching some YouTube videos they had some really cute presents with adorable wrapping paper.  I decided that it would make a cute post for people who are wayyyyy more creative than me.

  • CHRISTMAS ‘CHALKBOARD’ PACKAGING: black kraft paper and a few white paint markers
  • Washi Tape Decor: Decorate white wrapping paper with simple washi tape geometric shapes for a fun and fresh design. We love it because it’s an easy project for toddlers to help with.
  • DIY Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

    1. Pencil with new eraser
    2. White ink pad
    3. Craft paper
    4. Scissors & tape
    5. Ribbon

    Wrap your present in brown craft paper. Take your pencil and dip the eraser in the white ink pad. Dot the eraser all over the present for a perfect polka dot design. Really, it’s that simple. Tie it together with a bow and you’re all set!

So what did ya’ll think? Question of the Day: When you wrap your gifts do you use a theme or do you just grab whatever you have on hand?

Until Next Time!



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