Blogmas Day 13: Christmas on a Budget

Hey Guys!

Are you having one of those years where it seems like you don’t have all that much to spend on Christmas? Well we’ve all been there.  It isn’t impossible to celebrate and not spend too much.

Christmas Lunch or Dinner

I was recently watching a YouTube video just before Thanksgiving and on it Melea from the Melea show said that you can have Thanksgiving dinner for a family of around 6 for under $25-$30 depending on what you bought.  I’m pretty sure that most of us eat the same things for Christmas that we do for Thanksgiving.  I recommend watching her video (and subscribing to her because her videos are awesome and helpful!)  


The one thing that we always seem to forget is that Christmas isn’t supposed to be about gifts.  So when you’re out there shopping remember that if you can’t afford to buy the biggest most expensive gift on their list, its ok.

Now there are several ways that you can do this so that you don’t spend too much doing the gift giving thing.

  • Draw names if there are a whole bunch of you in the family (that aren’t too little, because we all know that the kids get more) 
  • Set a price limit on gifts4-gift-rule
  • When buying for kids keep in mind the Four-Gift Rule
  •   If your kids like to go shopping themselves for people, take them to places like the Dollar Tree or 5 Below where they won’t spend too much and can still get great items.  (I totally recommend shopping at 5 Below if you have one in your area!)

Always remember when shopping for gifts that it’s the thought that counts and the more thought you put into your gift the better it’ll be.  I hope that this has helped you learn that Christmas is totally doable on a budget (especially if you set the budget at a reasonable limit).  Question of the Day: Where is your favorite place to shop for Christmas Gifts?

Until Next Time!



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