Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Wish List

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is all about lists.  At 31 I quit making Christmas wish lists years ago.  But I had been talking to my mom the other day and she made a comment that she never really knows what to get me because when I want or need something either I get it right then or she’ll get it for me later.  So I figured I’d make a list to give her an idea of what to get me this year for Christmas.


  • Canon DSLR Rebel T5, T5i, T6, or T6i camera (I know this is expensive… but it’s a wish list so I figured why not!)
  • Wireless Keyboard for my iPad
  • Fuzzy Blanket
  • Anything Doctor Who (My nerdy side is showing, but who cares!)
  • cases for my phone
  • New travel makeup case
  • Amazon gift card (because who doesn’t need new books!)
  • Vudu gift card (because there are new movies and TV shows coming up that I so want to get!)
  • Buddy friend dog for my Boo dog (because I want the matching set)
  • A weekend girls trip to San Antonio
  • A weekend trip to Enchanted Rock

Well that’s it for my list.  I know that I won’t get most of these but I thought I’d put them on there anyway.  Because if you think about it when we wrote our letter’s to Santa we didn’t really expect to get everything but it was about giving options.

Until Next Time!



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