Blogmas Day 2: How to Organize Blogging in December

Hey Guys!

Well here is day 2 for my Blogmas posts.  (I know I posted 2 in one day.)  If there is one thing that we all know is that December can be a really hectic month for everyone.  I can testify that my month has only gotten more so by deciding to participate in Blogmas this year.  But that’s ok, as long as I’ve got everything organized everything will be fine.  So I decided to do this post on organizing blogging into an already busy month.

  1. Get out your planner:                                                                                                                        The first thing that I suggest doing is getting out your planner.  If you have never used a planner I suggest starting.  Because these things are honestly the best thing in the world.  I use a combination of a paper planner and my calander app on my iPhone.
  2. Schedule all the important things:                                                                                         Before even scheduling your blogs that you want to post, I would suggest you writing in every thing that needs to be done first.  If you’re still in school I suggest putting in the days of your finals or when you have papers due.  Then start putting in your work days.  I myself have two jobs, so I start by putting which days I’m working and where as well as the times that I have to be there.
  3. Take it slow:                                                                                                                                     I know that the idea of planning out an entire month may seem like it’s too much to handle.  If so then just start out by planning out the week. The idea is to put down your days.  So even if you’re only doing this a week at a time then you are still knowing what you are going to be doing.
  4. Add in your blogging days:                                                                                                  Next would be to start adding in the days that you want to blog.  Decide what days are going to be your blogging days and add them into your planner.
  5. Plan:                                                                                                                                            Next I suggest always plan what you are going to be posting.  Whether you do this in your planner or on a separate notebook or even using an online app like google docs or word docs online.  Just having a plan of what you are planning to post will help you out.
  6. Do extra:                                                                                                                                            I have always been one who will do extra that way if there comes a day that I can’t do a new post then I can post something that I have in my drafts folder.  So having extra posts either completed or nearly completed is a great way to get ahead of your posts.
  7. Check your planner daily:                                                                                                      The last thing that I would suggest would be to check your planner daily.  You can’t be surprised if you know what you have going on for the day.

Well I hope this help you out!  What things do you do to keep organized during busy times?  Until Next Time!



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