Blogmas Day 1: My Top 5 Christmas YouTube Videos to watch

Hey Guys!

Welcome to December! I was taking a break from writing papers (these things will kill me!) I decided to look at my backlog of blogs that I wanted to read.  While going through them I found one by The Swirl and they were doing a Blogmas post as well as a Blogmas Tag.  I wasn’t tagged in it but I love the idea of it so I just may do it later this month.  However, I did want to participate in Blogmas this year!

Since today is December 2, I’m going to be doing a dual post and do day 1 and 2 today, in separate posts.  Now on to the post!

  1. Watching my favorite YouTubers Vlogmas videos: I have so many that I watch that it’s hard for me to list them all, but I recommend going to my post on my favorite YouTubbers and watch them… they are awesome!
  2. Apple – Frankie’s Holiday
  3. 10 Christmas PRANKS for the Holidays!! Alisha Marie
  4. Hallelujah – Pentatonix
  5. Christmas Flash mobs

Until Next Time!



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