Black Friday Haul

Hey Guys!

Well here it is Thanksgiving is over, and besides being in a food coma, my bank account is not liking me this week.  Because guess who went shopping! Anyway… enough about that… Let’s see what I was able to get on Black Friday!

I know it’s not much compared to a lot of people but I only went to Walmart.  It wasn’t all that bad compared to the last couple of years. 

This is the only picture I actually took, but the lines weren’t that bad… With the exception of the movies/games section that was 3 aisles long. My sister and I actually started doing our shopkicks to pass the time.

If you haven’t started doing shopkicks you soooo should. If you want to know more about it comment down below and I’ll do a separate post about it. (Hint: you can get free gift cards using this app! I don’t know about you but I love free stuff!)

Well that’s it for now. Until Next Time!




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