iFrankenstein by Bekka Black


Reviewer: Tabitha
iFrankenstein by Bekka Black
Format: Kindle, IOS App
Series: iMonsters
Published by: No publisher information found
Publication Date: September 16, 2012
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal          Page Count: 256
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Book Synopsis:  The orginal can be found here.

Frankenstein comes to life for the wired generation.

Following her critically-acclaimed iDrakula, award-winning author Bekka Black breathes life into a modern re-telling of iFrankenstein, using only text messages, web browsers, tweets, and emails.

Homeschooled teenager Victor Frankenstein is determined to write his own ticket to independence: a chatbot to win the prestigious Turing prize and admission to the high tech university of his choice. He codes his creation with a self-extending version of his own online personality and unleashes it upon the internet. But soon he begins to suspect his virtual clone may have developed its own goals, and they are not aligned with Victor’s. The creature has its own plan, fed by a growing desire to win darker and more precious prizes: unfettered power and release from loneliness.

As the creature’s power and sentience grows and its increasingly terrible deeds bleed over from the online world into the real one, Victor must stop his creation before his friends and humanity pay the ultimate price.


Ok, so a few months ago I did the review on the first book in this series (I’m patiently waiting for more like this! I love the way these books are redone.)

How did I get it: Bought it through amazon

Why did I read it: I loved and enjoyed iDrakula and I was excited to see what a modern re-telling of Frankenstein would come out like.

Review:  I’m not going to lie pretty much what I wrote about iDrakula applies to this iFrankenstein, and I really don’t want to sound like I’m repeating myself.  So while these two books are very different (because you know they are based on different stories) they are also very similar in their strengths and weaknesses.

Just like with iDrakula, I loved the way that Bekka Black changed the characters enough that they fit well into the modern world, but left enough of the original characters that they were not unrecognizable.  Just as with iDrakula the format is great for bringing in a new generation into the stories.  Ok, so how would I describe this book?  A quick and fun read would probably be it.  There are some moments that are completely hilarious and ridiculous, but so completely appropriate.  I think the thing that will draw in the younger crowd will be the format of the books themselves.

The plot line that Black uses in an interesting one with the cruise and contest that leads to the creation of Frankenstein’s “monster”.  I also love the way that Black portrayed each of the characters as teenagers, because if she had left them as adults her plot line would not have made any sense.

I do love that Black continued her use of text messages, emails and tweets as well as pictures to get the general sense of what was going on through to the reader.  I’m not sure how well it would work for someone who doesn’t like this type formatting.

I’m pretty sure that the only reason that I could catch on to what was happening was because I had to read Shelly’s Frankenstein for my European History class… and because I own the movie iFrankenstein which is what happens after the book (and has no relation to this book).  So the story line itself was pretty fresh.

So overall, this book as a quick fun read, and if you love the classics this one is great modern retelling.  So if you’re ever in the mood for something outside the realm of normal thrillers either of these two book in Bekka Black’s iMonster’s series will be great reads.


How I would rate it:   4 out of 5 Stars!                                                              my-rating-4-stars


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