Why I started Blogging

Hi Guys!

Well for some reason it looks like I’ve mainly done discussion posts.  I didn’t plan it this way, but it still happened.  So today’s discussion is about why I started blogging.  I chose this topic because it was posed to me the other day and I actually paused.  I didn’t really have an answer besides “I don’t know? I just did.”  So I sat down and thought about it.  And I finally realized that I wanted something that was mine.  That I could have and share and interact with others, as well as to finish and accomplish something.

I’ve always been the type of person that will start something and about midway through become bored and stop.  When I started blogging I decided to start with a challenge.  This challenge lasted for 30 days… ish. (I had a couple of days where the post would get pushed off because I wasn’t able to post, but I finished it!)  I figured if I could finish that I would accomplish something.  And I did.  I also realized that I loved to make content for ya’ll and enjoyed the process of it.  So I began to plan what was going to be coming next.  With each new decision my blog was becoming more and more me, and I loved it.

So I guess my answer now would be because I love making new post and having ya’ll love them.  It makes my day when ya’ll like what I’ve written for you.

Until Next Time!


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