Halloween Costume Ideas

Hi Guys!

I’m not sure about you but I absolutely love Halloween.  One of my favorite things to do is dress up my furry babies. (ok, so one of them is like 9 but she’s still my baby!)  I have two chihuahua’s and they pretty much look adorable in just about anything.  Not to mention getting dressed up myself.  So I’ve come up with a list of some DIY Halloween costumes for both yourself and your furry babies!

So up first I’ve got some costumes that I found on Pintrest, I’m still undecided on what I’m going to be but I have the most fun looking for my costume!

  1. Ice Cream Cone:

    White Shirt (You don’t have to use one like the picture but you have to admit the scallops look like an ice cream cone)Tan or light brown Dress Cardstock in Rainbow Colors (or felt which ever is easier)Fishing Line + Sewing Needle (or Hot Glue Gun)
    Red Balloon
    Regular Clear Tape
    Stretchy Headband or Bobby Pins (for securing balloon to your head!)                              1. Cut out several sprinkles shapes from your various cardstock or felt colors (enough to go around the neckline of your shirt). Lay the sprinkles in the pattern you want to attach them and take a quick phone pic so you remember how it looks.
    2. I wanted to be able to re-use my shirt, so I sewed on my sprinkles. If you don’t care about re-using your shirt, you can hot glue them on… but here’s the method I used for mine! Thread a sewing needle with fishing line and tie a knot at the end. Thread it through the shirt and the sprinkle and back down through both two times, then tie a knot to secure. Repeat for all your sprinkles. If you want to get really fancy, you could also use fabric paint markers to paint criss-crosses like an ice cream cone on the skirt.
    3. To make the cherry, cut out a long stem shape from red cardstock. Partially blow up the red balloon and tie it. Fold a half-inch of the stem under and tape the new tab to the top of the balloon. If your stem needs extra support to stand up, cut a small strip of cardstock and tape one side on the balloon and one side on the stem.
    4. To secure the balloon cherry to my head, I wore an elastic headband and simply slipped the balloon’s tail under the elastic. It held really well. Alternatively, you could tie it to a plastic headband, or secure with several bobby pins. 

The original post can be found here.

2. Bat:  

Black Leggings                                                                                                                                  Black long sleeve shirt                                                                                                                         Pair of black shoes (I’d use a pair of converse for this… they’d be sooooo much more comfortable!)                                                                                                                                               a yard of black material: shape it like in the picture and then attach it to the sleves and back of your shirt.  You can either sew it on if you want to reuse your top or use a hot glue gun.

3. The PowerPuff Girls:

Depending on if you are doing this by yourself or as a group here’s what you’ll need:         Bubbles: A Blue dress and a black piece of material  to tie around your waist. A pair of white tights and some black shoes.  Then put your hair up in pig tails.                                 Blossom: A red dress and a black piece of material  to tie around your waist. A pair of white tights and some black shoes. Then you can either make a giant red bow or buy one.                                                                                                                                            Buttercup: A green dress and a black piece of material  to tie around your waist. A pair of white tights and some black shoes.

4. Mime: 

This is one of those costumes you can throw together in almost no time at all.  I think the longest part will be doing your makeup.                                                                                                   For this you will need:                                                                                                                                    A pair of black pants or leggings                                                                                                                 A black and white striped shirt                                                                                                                   A pair of white gloves                                                                                                                              Black suspenders                                                                                                                                             A black hat  

5. Nerds:

This is one of those costumes that you can have fun with you can go it alone or grab your friends.                                                                                                                                                        You’ll need:                                                                                                                                          Suspenders                                                                                                                                                  Nerd glasses with tape (or not if you prefer)                                                                                          A white shirt – the girls down below took it a step further by spelling their names out using the periodic table. This can be done with either a sharpie or a fabric paint pen.                                                                                                                                                        A pair of jeans or shorts

6. Starbucks Latte: 

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried to do this one…more than a few times, it’s harder than it looks. (My two sister’s are so much better at DIY’s than me… but I try!)  I’ve seen a few different tutorials on it and I think this one is by far the easiest one to accomplish. What I’m going to do is link you to the video that LaurDIY (she’s the one in the picture!) did explaining how she made this.  You can find her YouTube Video here.                                                                                       starbucks

7. Best Friends Necklace:  

I have to admit this one is probably the easiest one to do….  All you really need to do is make the “Best Friend Charms” out of poster board and make a hole for the string to go through and you can pretty much wear whatever you want.

8. Boo from Monsters INC: 

For this costume all you need is an over sized pink shirt, a pair of purple leggings and some white shoes.

9. Winnie the Poo:  

I have to admit this one is kind of adorable.  You can even do this with a group if you want and get them to dress up too.  There’s even a pretty good chance you might have most of this outfit in your closet.

10. 1950s Greaser girl (Pink Lady!): 

This is probably what I’m going to go with this Halloween, simply because I think it’s fun. Though probably not with the heels, have you ever tried walking around  in those!  This is also one of those simple to throw on because you have it all in your closet costumes.  You could even play around with the pieces and wear a skirt instead of pants or wear an all black top instead of stripes.  But you get the idea.

11. Where’s Waldo:  

This is that costume that most people know who you are and the pieces are pretty easy to find in just about any closet.

12. Mary Poppins: 

I love this idea and it’s pretty simple to accomplish.  One of my nieces was this last year and she was pretty darn adorable in it.  All you really need is a white button down with a black skirt, some black tights or leggings.  A red belt, a red bow tie, some black booties and a black hat, I’d use one of those smaller ones for a cute updated style.  Then don’t forget your accessories of a large bag (bonus if you have a carpet bag like hers!) and an umbrella.

13. Greek Goddess: 

This has to be another of the easiest ones to throw together.  I love this one because instead of having you use a toga like costume it says to use an oversized T-Shirt that you cut the sleeves off of with a gold belt and some ivy in your hair.  Super simple to make.

14. Minnie Mouse:

Yet another Disney inspired outfit.  Minnie Mouse is a classic costume for girls of any age.  You don’t have to be a kid to wear it.  This costume has you in a red skirt, a black long sleeved shirt and some converse shoes.  Throw on some Minnie ears that comes complete with a bow and do your make up and you are ready.minnie-mouse

15. Supergirl: 

I’ve always loved this idea.  It’s some thing that is pretty easy to put together too.  Especially if you have most of it in your closet already.  You can play around and do a black pencil skirt instead of pants make it as girly as you want.supergirl

And now for the Dog Costumes: (Mild disclaimer: You’re furry baby may or may not keep these on, it all depends on them.  Me I’ll be lucky if mine keep them on for pictures before shaking them off. :/ )

  1. Dog Football: 

    This is a super easy costume if you own a brown dog and are a sports enthusiast. Simply cut out strips of white felt to place on your dog’s back.

    • White felt
    • Velcro tape


2. Dog Martini:      

Turn that cone of shame into a Martini Dog costume. All you need is:

  • A cone of shame
  • 3 Styrofoam balls painted like olives
  • 1 stick
  • 1 curly red ribbon


3. Sushi Dog: 

Create a pup-filled sushi roll topped with shrimp, salmon, tuna, or another favorite filling. Just grab the following and get crafting:

  • Felt
  • Velcro
  • Stuffing
  • Scissors


4. Harry Potter Dog:

Your furry friend can go as the Boy Who Lived himself or another favorite character from this popular book series. Simply grab the following:

  • Small black cape
  • A children’s tie in maroon and gold (or another Hogwarts house’s colors)
  • A small pair of glasses


5. Ghost Dog:

This is great if you want to grab some pictures, not sure I’d recommend if you were going to walk you pet around.  But it is adorable.  All you need for this is an old sheet/ or white material, cut out a place for your pets snout, ears, and eyes.dog-ghost

6. Vampire Dog: 

Oh, holy cuteness! I wonder how long it took to get this one amazing shot of this baby?  Anyway if you have this type of a well behaved furry friend then this would be a great costume for you pet.  All you need is a child’s cape and some felt or card stock fangs.


7. Mummy Dog:

I’m actually thinking of doing this one for my Chihuahua, Rose, provided I can get her to keep it on… Maybe I can get her to hold still for a picture before she takes it off.  All you need for this is some gauze to wrap around your pet.  Remember not to tighten it too much so that you’re pet can breath.dog-mummy

Well I hope I’ve inspired you and given you plenty of ideas for this Halloween.  If you decide to recreate any of these send me a picture of them on Twitter or Instagram @TabithaJeanett.  Don’t forget to follow me on here to get emails when I post a new blog and on social media to see what I’m up in my daily life.

Until Next Time!



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