So you’re Sick in College

Hey Guys!

So if there is one thing that college students and pretty much any young adult living away from home will all agree one is that being sick in a place where your mother isn’t there and you’re sick is hard.  In fact, I’d say that it was one of the hardest parts about living away from my family.  There was no one to call to bring me some soup, or tissues or pretty much anything when I got sick.

So I’m pretty sure that if ya’ll are anything like I was, and still am at time, you don’t even know what to do when you eventually get sick.  So I’ve put some tips together on what you can do if and when you get sick.

  1. Rest Up:

    There is nothing that is better for you like rest when you’re sick.  I’m sure we’ve all been there, so no body will judge you if you decide to veg on the couch with Netflix running in the background.  Don’t push yourself, if you do you’ll end up sicker longer.

  2. Go to the Health Center:

    When you’re sick… and I’m talking like really sick, you’ll know it.  This is the time that you need to go to the doctors.  You’re best bet is to go to the campus health center.  The health center will usually be the cheapest option for you to receive health care and also your quickest option because it’s also probably a short walk from your dorm. (If you end up here and you miss class don’t forget to get an excuse for your professors.)

  3. Take your medicines:

    Now I’m probably not the only one that hates taking medicine.  But if you’re sick and you don’t take it then you’re just hurting yourself.  I like to keep things on hand to make it easier for me when I do happen to get sick.  I have a cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to medicines.  But I know that probably isn’t going to happen if you live in the dorm.  So what I suggest is keeping a shoebox or something like that filled with things that you might need.  Like cough drops, cold medicine, ibprofin or asprin, then you’ll have something just in case.

    Now if you end up sick enough that you end up at the campus health center and they offer you medication… take it.  Don’t try and be brave and go with out.

  4. Don’t go to class:      

    No I’m not saying that you should begin to randomly ditch all your classes.  But you should take a day or two off if you’re sick.  Even if you only take one full day off your body will thank you for it.  And so will everyone else that you don’t get sick.                                                                                                                                                 Make sure that you text or email a friend and ask them if they can take notes and fill you in on what you are going to be missing.  And don’t forget to email your professor and let them know what’s going on.  You’re professor will generally be very understanding if you keep them in the loop.  They don’t usually want a sick student in the classroom anyway.

  5. Don’t forget to Eat:  

    If there is one thing I know it’s that when we’re sick we really don’t want eat.  I know I only want to sleep, so I tend to have to force myself to eat something.  But it’s not only eating that you have to remember, but also keeping yourself hydrated.  Whether it’s water, tea, or gatorade you need to be drinking something.  This is a time when even if you’ve been on a health kick that it’s ok to eat Ramen noodles 3 times a day.  Because you need something in your stomach and the liquid in the soup will keep you going.  This will also have the added benefit of keeping your energy levels up.

  6. Do something for you:

    Alright, so if you are anything like me then when you skip a day of classes you end up getting extremely bored.  So with this in mind, do something for yourself.  If you’re going to be sitting on the couch anyway, rent a movie or find something on Vudu or Netflix that will keep you entertained, or if you’re strapped for cash like most of us then check out your local library or campus library. 10-1 they have some great finds that you can lose yourself in.  Do that face mask that you’ve been wanting to do.  This is a way to just slow yourself down and really rest while at the same time not being bored.


Hopefully, by the time your’re done reading this you’ll have some ideas on what to do just in case you get sick.

Until Next Time!



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