How To Not Go Crazy: During The Semester 

Good morning guys!

Well here we are its the start (middle) of a new semester…. again. Here you are a month into the semester and you’re probably wondering what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into.  God only knows how many times I’ve asked myself the same question. (and questioned my sanity)  You’re also probably looking at all the homework that you have due, quizzes to take, and papers that you’re having to start to look at.  Know that you aren’t alone, we’ve all been there and probably are there with you.

Now that you know that you aren’t alone, here are some thing that you can do to feel more like yourself again, and less likely to want to be locked in a padded cell pulling your hair out.

Be Organized First

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just like everyone else and at the start of the year I love to go shop for the cutest organization stuff at Target, Walmart, and pretty much anywhere that sells them. But buying a planner doesn’t mean it will fill itself out.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t take much time to get everything organized.  Set aside one or two hours every week (I usually do this on Sunday, so that I have the upcoming week done) to write everything that needs to be done.  Now whether you do it by week, or month, this will help you feel on top of everything.

Schedule Some “You” Time

You need some you time.  This is seperate from time that you are doing your planner or homework.  This is when you take that time once a week to take a bubble bath (if you have your own bathroom), or read a book that isn’t one that is for class.  Go for a walk in the park, or take a nap and catch up on that sleep that you’ve been missing out on.  What you do during your “you” time is all up to you.  This is your time to unwind and de-stress.

Try Something New

Has there ever been anything that you wanted to try.  Is there a new fitness class that you’ve had your eye on.  Do it.  This is something that you can do that isn’t really school related… besides the fact that happens to be at your school gym.

Hey… no said that you couldn’t take advantage of all those gym classes that you would be spending a lot of money on somewhere else for free… especially since it’s already being charged to your tuition.

Have a Netflix Day by yourself… or with friends

Netflix.  This one word is the cause of all that distraction that you get when you really should be working on that paper that is due in two days.  But think about it like this, if you do that paper now then you have two full days to binge on a show that you’ve been dying to catch up on.

Don’t procrastinate and you can have an entire weekend sometimes to have a friends movie weekend!  Do it… watch all 10 seasons of Supernatural or 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls in preparation of the new episodes Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life.  It doesn’t have to be something that you can’t do, just be responsible and do your school work first, because having to call home because you flunked out isn’t a phone call you want to do.

Join a Club

This one is self explanatory.  There are a whole bunch of clubs that are recruiting at anyone point in time.  I had a blast with CAB (Campus Activities Board) helping out at events and working tables.  I was also in the History Club, the Spanish Club and the Catholic Student Organization.

These clubs are something that can keep you busy and help you out in the long run.  This can be a way to make new friends and to have something to do between your classes and assignments.  Also,remember that when you are looking for scholarships clubs and activities look great on the application.

Scope Out Your Campus

There’s knowing where your classes are and then there is knowing your campus.  If there is one thing that I’ve learned during my semesters at the University is that there is always another way to find something.  Don’t get comfortable in the way you go to class.  Find new ways there, you never know what you’ll find.

I was going to school for almost a full year before I found out we had a chicken/burrito place in this one building that I had been taking most of my classes in.  Then low and behold I took a different route to my next class and ended up following my nose to food.

Reward Yourself 

Ok, I’m not saying that you go out and spend all your money on a $300 purse (but hey you do you), but going out to get your nail color changed is still something that you can look forward to every now and then.

Decide if you want to go on a mini shopping spree with your friends, or if you want to go watch a movie.  Whatever it is decide and work towards that goal.  Get what you need to done and then you have a reward to look forward to.

Create a bucket list

This is something that can be fun for you… maybe you and your BFF can create one and switch which one you pick one to do each week… or month.  Now you can do this in different ways.  You can create a semester bucket list, or a monthly one,a yearly one or even do one for the different seasons.

This is something that you can put down all the things that you want to accomplish before a certain time.  Heck… Create one of each.  If you need some ideas go onto pintrest and check out what they have on their lists.  Make it fun, make it silly or make it serious.  This is something for you.  Here are some 10 ideas to put on your bucket list just to get you started.

  • Spend the night in a Tree House
  • Take a Picture with every State Sign in America (bonus points if you get Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Volunteer in another Country
  • Carve your name in a tree
  • Run a 5K
  • Go to Canada
  • Visit all 7 Continents (Go big or go home right!)
  • Go into an air port and buy tickets for a random flight
  • Rent a beach house/Mountain Cabin for the whole summer
  • Drive down Route 66

Well that’s all I have for today.  I hope this has talked you down off your ledge and has given you that little bit of calm.

Until Next Time!



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