What you can expect from College: Classes and Grades

Hi Guys!

I’m not sure about you, but me and grades have are not always on the greatest of terms.  There are times when I think I’ve done amazing on a paper or exam only to get the assignment back and either barely passed or completely bombed it.  So I thought I’d put this together for those who wonder how some professors break down their grades and how to figure out to decipher them.

The Alphabet Scale

Ok, so there are going to be those professors who grade on an a-f scale.  Meaning, you grade for an A could be anywhere from 100-90, a B would be 89-70, a C is 79-70, a D is 69-60, and an F is anything in lower than a 60.

While this is good for the fact that you know you have grade, but knowing what the exact grade is hard.   This is when you keeping a running list on all your assignments with their grades next to them would be helpful.  I’ve done this for the last 3 semesters and it has been a huge help with keeping track of where I am during the semester.

The Point Scale

Now this is the weirdest grading system that I have ever encountered.  I had a couple of professors that graded on a points scale.  Basically, it was out of 1500 points and each assignment would be worth some sort of points.  Like quizzes were worth 7 points. If you got a perfect score on the quiz you got the full 7 points.  If you got some but not all the points then you would get 3.5 and if you did crappy then you didn’t get any.  But at the end of the semester you would add up your points and it would be like 1500/1500 scale system.


Now if you are ever unsure about your grades, the best thing that you could do would be to go visit your professor during office hours and see what is going on.  They can usually explain things better than you trying to guess what is going on.  (This is especially useful when you have that professor that has handwriting that is virtually impossible to read!  I’ve had quite a few of these… more the higher the classes I took.)

And they usually look at you better if you come and see them if you don’t understand things because it causes them to remember you putting in the effort.

Just remember that your grades are totally dependent on you and how well you do, as well as how much read and participate in class.  And remember if you think that you should have had a better grade, you can always go and talk to your professor about it and sometimes it might be that you could be right.


I found this to kind of lighten up and give you a visual on the grades and gpa system.  And on that note here is a last funny for this post!


Well I hope this gives you a little bit of clarity on the types of ways that professors grade your work and how it is that you can decipher this system.  And remember, you should never be afraid of going to speak to your professor, that’s what they hold office hours for, and if you can’t make it during those times they are usually really good about scheduling during a time that you can make it.

Until Next Time!



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