End of Month Wrap UP: September

This is my end of month Wrap up for September.  On here you will see what’s been going on in my life, what I’m reading both for school and for personal reads, what I’m listening to and what is on my to read list. I’ll also be posting a list with what I’ve posted in the past month.

Well this month has been a whirlwind of activity and things happening for me.

Going on in my Life:          

  • Still not sure what I was thinking when I decided I wanted to go to Grad school!
  • Has realized and firmly believe that have any students attend classes from 7 pm to 9:30 is stupid.  I mean really most of our brains clock out at 8… maybe 8:30 at the latest.  So for those of us students who do not live near campus and have to drive this is crap!
  • I’ve had to lead two discussions over some readings that I didn’t really understand.
  • My Sister had her Baby!!!! I have a new Niece!

Even though it’s been a month since school started, it is still pretty hectic.  While I’m an avid reader and can get through probably two or three books a week, having to read the dense material that is required for my master’s program is problematic.  First you have the first read, where you highlight the important bits.  Then you have the second read where you try to understand what you read the first time.  Then if you have time you read it a third time to try and make connections.  I’ve never wanted to not read before.

I’d like to thank egga62, bhaltairchloe, ao172002, storytellingcook, and junebug117  for following this lonely blogger!  This month has been amazing in me gaining followers!

Below is a list of things that I’ve read, am reading, am listening to, and is on my to read list.  I’ve also linked each one so that they are easier for you to find.

Books I’ve Read in September:

Ok so pretty much this month has been on a series kick.  I almost got through with the Reed Brothers series by Tammy Falkner and I have read the new and final book in Cambria Hebert’s #Hashtag series, and began the re-reading process to start the entire series off again… Just because!

What I’m Currently Reading:

Books I’m Reading For School: (This is this months book list for my Grad School masters program) Let me just say that while some of them like Archive stories has some really good articles, there are some of them that are really dense and hard to sit through.

 What I’m Listening to (Audible):                                                                                                          (this depends on my mood)

What I Finished on Audible:

  • #Rev by Cambria Hebert
  • #Nerd by Cambria Hebert

Yes I know I started the series all over again.  But it has me on a book hangover!

To Read list:

I have to say this list isn’t getting any smaller… I’m pretty sure that besides the Reed Brothers I haven’t touched it yet.    :/

Favorite Blog posts that I’ve discovered this month:

  • I hate to say it but I haven’t really been online that much, besides writing my posts.  I kind of miss it.  I have an entire folder of blogs to read when I have time.


My Posts this month:

  • #Bae Book Reveal
  • Up In Flames Book Review
  • What’s in my BackPack
  • How to stay Healthy in College
  • Book Tag
  • #Bae Release
  • 5 Easy and Healthy Breakfast ideas
  • #Bae Book Review
  • 5 Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas
  • 5 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas
  • iDrakula Book Review
  • National Coffee Day
  • Semester Goals: Fall 2016

You can find any of these on my main page and scrolling through my posts!

I’m super proud of the fact that I have consistently posted on each of the three day’s that I’ve chosen, with the exception of September 5th as that was a holiday. I hope ya’ll have enjoyed the blog posts that I’ve created for you and will enjoy the ones to come.

Until Next Time!



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