Staying Healthy In College

Hey guys! Well I don’t know about you but I’ve always heard that its the Freshmen 15.  I found this to be false.  You can gain these pounds at anytime.  For me this happened during my 3rd year at University. (and it wasn’t just 15 pounds… I gained a whopping 45 pounds that year! And 10 more the following year.)  And while I’m slowly losing the weight trying to get back down to a more healthy weight, I’ve realized something.  I don’t want to be skinny.  I just want to be healthy.

Here are a list of things for you to help navigate and hopefully avoid those unwanted pounds.

  1. Be aware that gaining weight in your late teens and early twenties is normal.  I know that isn’t what you probably want to hear, but it is normal.  Another thing to remember that its during this time that you gaining your curves so its normal to add a couple of pounds of weight while doing so.  So please don’t rush out and try every diet out there because you gained a few pounds.
  2. Plan your workouts. This is going to be something that is good for you and you need to schedule it in and make time for it.  This has to be something that you make sure you can’t skip or make an excuse for not doing it.
  3. Make it fun and join a class at your gym. I’m not sure about you but walking into and seeing all that different exercise equipment scares me silly.  Not because of anything major but really because I’m scared about looking silly trying out something new.  But I love to try new classes.  I’m sure just about every campus gym offers fitness classes.  Mine just started up a new zumba class that I’m looking to try out.  Remember that you will have to plan for these classes, because they are usually held at certain times.
  4. Keep temptation away. Now talking about snacks, make sure you keep healthy ones close and the not so healthy ones away.  I’m not saying that you can’t have a cookie or some ice cream.  I am saying that eating the entire carton of both is probably not your best idea.  Some of my favorite healthy snacks to have around are strawberries, grapes, Greek yogurt, pita chips and hummus (I love the roasted red pepper as well as the sriracha flavored ones… but the roast garlic is amazing as well.)
  5. Healthy food doesn’t have to be bad food. Since we are on the subject of food, lets talk about your main meals.  I’m not one to say that you can’t have something ever again.  But I would say to cut down and limit yourself.  So instead of having that pizza every night, treating yourself to a pizza once or twice a month would be better for you.  (Also loading it up with veggies makes it even better, you get your pizza and your veggies all in one bite!)  Of course, I’m also one that will sometimes have take out Chinese everyday if I could so believe me it’s a struggle, but it will be worth it in the end.  Find alternatives for your favorite foods.  If you are that person who loves pb&j, try out almond butter or see if you can do a different healthier bread alternative.  Eating better is about eating smarter. You can find a great list of what to buy at the grocery story here.  –>  A Healthy College Girl’s Grocery List by Gina Alyse!
  6. Beverages. I probably won’t be the first person to tell you that drinking sodas is bad for you, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of weight you can lose by just cutting back or stopping drinking them altogether.  I remember that I used to drink about 3-4 Dr. Peppers a day.  When I cut it back to 1 a day, I began dropping the weight. When I dropped to 1 a week, I dropped more weight.  Now it’s gotten to the point where I drink mostly water. (I love my Ozark 30oz cup from Walmart… it’s just like my yeti that I had in the smaller 20oz.)
  7. Be sneaky with what you do to exercise. So when I got my iPhone I realized that it had a fitness tracker that would track how many miles I walked if I turned it on.  I love to check it everyday and see if I can beat my day before’s score. (my first semester of college I was shocked to realize that I walked around 4 miles just walking around the campus to my classes!)  I also found a fitness tracker called YooFitness.  It has an app that will log all your steps, distance, calories burned, and your activity daily.  This way I don’t have to worry about turning it on before I start walking, I simply put it on and go about my day.  More recently I bought an apple watch that does pretty much the same thing.  But it has the added bonus of telling me that I need to stand up at least once an hour for a minute.  As well as other super cool things.
  8. Alcohol.  I’m sure that I don’t need to say it, but limiting the amount of alcohol you drink will also help the amount of pounds you gain.  If you didn’t already know, let me tell you that the beer that you drink has carbs, that margarita or pina colada has carbs.  Drinking these as a special treat would be better on your weight than downing them every night.  Think about that the next time you decide you want to drink that 12 pack of beers or that bottle of wine.1414703879492_image_galleryimage_calorie_graphic_jpg
  9. Start a new Routine. Start your new routine early… like before classes start is ideal.  But even if you start after that’s ok too.  What’s important is to start it.  Remember it takes 21 days to get that new habit to start to become routine.    Another good thing to remember is that it takes 4 weeks for you to notice changes in your body, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for everyone else.  Don’t give up.
  10. Motivation. Let’s face it, Motivation is key.  If you’re not motivated then you aren’t going to want to do it.  So I’ve included some fitness motivation pictures for you to print out, and by all means google fitness motivation and find a ton more.  Post them to you mirror, your wall, to your fridge.  Post them everywhere and remind yourself that you are doing this for you and this is going to be amazing!

I hope you enjoyed the post, and Until Next Time!



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