What’s In My Backpack 2016

Well I’ve been watching these go up all over YouTube, and I’m like I had so much fun doing my What’s in my Purse edition for the Blog challenge that why not.  I love seeing what other people have in theirs and if what I have matches at all.

So without further ado!

So the first thing that I have is my backpack… and I’m not going to lie I probably have a backpack problem.  I have sooooo many of them.  I have two that I use throughout the semesters.  One is my Vera Bradley Lighten Up Large in Blue Bayou (This pattern has been discontinued but they do have some awesome prints out right now.  You can find them here.)  I love this one because it has two large pockets where you can put things that you need as well as two side pockets for drinks and a small pocket in the front. The other that I use is one that I found at Aéropostale, it was on sale for $14 and it is pretty much the complete opposite of the Vera Bradley one.   This one is small and and only has the one main pocket with a small pocket in the front and two side pockets. (Mine isn’t for sale anymore, but here is one just like it.)

The first thing in my backpack (I’m doing my small one/because when I use the big bag it turns into a black hole!) is my EOS lip balm.  I use this regularly especially in the winter when my lips get really dry.

In the main pocket of my backpack the first thing that I carry is my flash drive case.  Now you’re probably wondering what I have in here, well you wouldn’t be the first to think I have too many flash drives.  In total I have a grand total of 20 flash drives that I use.

cricket… cricket…

I can here the shock now.  Believe me I know.  I’ve got friends that use the same drive for many years.  However, I’ve been burned that way more than once, so I have backups.  And some of my backups have back ups.

The next thing that I have is my Macbook Air.  I’m just going to say, I love having an all mac system.  I have an iPhone, an iPad, and an iWatch to go with my Macbook, and I love being able to start something on one and pick it up on one of the others.

Next will be my folders and spirals.  I have one for each of my classes.  As well as a master folder that holds my Semester Assignment Spreadsheet and each classes Syllabus.  I love having it this way because it keeps me organized and there are time that I need to know what is going to be happening in class and rather than having to go searching I can go straight to the master folder and look.

I also have a pouch holder for my highlighters, pens, and pencils.  Also in this pouch I have my mini stapler and some post it note pads for when I’m taking notes.

You’ll probably remember that during my What’s in My Purse blog I showed these next two items.  But during the school year I tend to throw them into my backpack for convenience. Especially since my purse goes from huge shoulder bag to a little cross body one. 

Next are my two mini emergency bags.  In one bag I carry some… shall we say feminine essentials. 😉 In the other I have some Rubber bands for my hair, some Tweezers, a nail clipper and a nail file, an extra charger for my phone and my watch, a pair of small scissors, a tide to go stick (cause lets face it… I’m clumsy and tend to spill stuff on myself) a travel bug spray, and a bottle of rewetting drops for when I’m in my contacts and forget to grab my normal one.

The one thing that I don’t have in my backpack are the books.  This is because I carry those in a box in my car and only take out the one that I need for class in between classes.

Well that’s all that I carry in my backpack during the semester.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m just like everyone else and usually at the end of the week I have to clean out my backpack of all the useless things that have accumulated during the week.  But that happens to everyone.

Until Next Time!




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