Back to School Haul: School Supplies

Hi Guys!

So here I am again with another Back to School Post.  Well technically part two of my Back to School Haul.  I don’t know about you guys but my favorite part about back to school is the shopping.  Whether its for school supplies or for clothes.  I just love shopping… for pretty much anything really.  So when it’s time for school or pretty much anytime I need something I love getting new supplies.

This year I was pretty much just supplementing what I had last year with some new stuff.

This was by far my best find… I got it at a garage sale for 10 cents! I just couldn’t pass it up.  Even though I have like 10 other backpacks.


This is the results of me going into Target.  A planner, some paper, some erasers, a pencil case and some stickers… that I really didn’t need but got anyway.


Next up are my pens and pencils.  I got the Vera Bradley ones at the outlet…On sale! and the other’s were bought at a store called 5 Below.

I also bought these at 5 Below… You never know when you are going to find good brand supplies at discounted prices.

These are the last two items that I bought for school.  A stapler and a cooling station for my Macbook.

For the most part I really didn’t need that many things.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I still bought a lot.  But not as much as I originally would have if I didn’t always keep supplies on hand.

Well that’s it for my back to school hauls.  Until Next Time!



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