Back to School Haul: Clothing & Accessories

Hi Guys!

So here I am again with another Back to School Post.  I don’t know about you guys but my favorite part about back to school is the shopping.  Whether its for school supplies or for clothes.  I just love shopping… for pretty much anything really.  But my favorite part of it is seeing what I can find great deals on.  One of my favorite places to shop is the Outlets in San Marcos, Tx.  (Although, I am waiting on the ones that they are building in Robstown, Tx to finish up so I can check those out.)  I’ve been looking at different posts, vlogs and main channel videos on YouTube the last couple of weeks and I love to see what other people have gotten and what they buy for their school semesters.  My only problem was this year I started super late… like barely a week before school starts.So here is what I decided to get for my back to school clothing.

Bottoms:                                                                                                                                                     This first pair of jeans is by far the best find I’ve ever had.  I love the Michael Kors line.  But as a full time college student I very rarely can afford anything from it.  But Imagine my surprise when I was shopping at a store called Ross Dress for Less and I found not only Michael Kors clothes… but clothes in something other than a size 2… Not that there is anything wrong with being a size 2 but I rarely find anything outside that size.  I myself am a size 12 and it’s hard to find clothes that fit my body and look good on it.  I was ecstatic to find these jeans.  This should be a less to all… Never think you can’t find Designer clothes at discount prices!

This next pair of Jeans I bought at Lucky Brand Jeans.   It was so soft and I pretty much fell in love with them.  While there I also bought a pair of shorts.

I also bought a pair of shorts at American Eagle.  They are super comfy, so I’m pretty excited for them.


Now for once I didn’t buy that many tops.  I have two favorites that I bought during this trip.  One came from Lucky Brand and the other from Victoria Secret.

One of the trends that I’ve started loving are the bodysuits, that according to my sister are pretty much just adult onsies,  I’ve been looking at them at different stores and finally found some that I wanted at Cotton On.  This store is great, the prices are reasonable and the clothes are amazing.


I actually got me a couple of dresses for school.  Two that I bought were from American Eagle, and one was from Cotton One.  I’ve been enjoying wearing T-Shirt dresses so when I found this one for a really good price I jumped on it.

Cotton On                                                       American Eagle                                  American Eagle                

Pretty much the only shoes that I bought for me this year… so far are a new pair of Reef flip flops.  I looked for some new Tennis Shoes but I still haven’t found a pair that I like.  I might have to check out Academy and see what they have.



So…. I’m going to come out and say it… I have a problem. I love purses.  And yep, I bought myself a purse as a congrats for getting into the masters program.  I got this one at Vera Bradley… (Don’t worry it was on sale… like 70% off of the original price!) I’ve been wanting one of these for a while and now I have one.

I also grabbed me a new mini cross body at Aéropostale.  This one is great, it has two zippered pockets and a pocket in the middle of the two zippered ones.  It is also in a brown leather that will sort of match my riding boots that I already have.

Well that’s it for for the Clothes and accessories part of the haul.   Up Next school supplies!

Until Next Time!





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