Blog Challenge Day # 14

What is in my Purse? (handbag)

  1. Vera Bradley Backpack Purse – I’m going to admit that I have a bit of an obsession with this brand.  I have probably around 15 of these purses.
  2. Iphone 6 plus – because I’ve learned that if you have it in your pocket and sit on them they WILL bend!                                                     
  3. Id wallet- I do have a larger wallet that I use on occasion, but I like the fact that this one is small enough to fit into my back pocket.
  4. Planner – I use this planner to organize my world, from my school schedule each semester to keeping my work schedules (both of them). This one was bought at Walmart!                                                                 
  5. Pens and Pencils – I had a grand total of 25 pens in my purse, and I can guarantee that when I need one I won’t be able to find even one of them.
  6. Beats ear buds – because I why not                           img_1134
  7. phone charger – because I’ve learned I need to have it if I want to have my phone charged by the end of the day (due to my addiction to my kindle and ibooks apps and my games)
  8. Mints and gum – I can always find at least a pack of one in my bag, right now I have Altoids mints (got these because I want the tin for a DIY) and a pack of juicy fruit gum.                                                                                       
  9. Ipad mini 2 – Now I don’t usually have this in my purse, but since I just had my nephew with me for a car ride, it was brought to keep him busy.
  10. Power Bank – for when I’m using my phone and it needs to be charged while I use it.
  11. 911 bag – This is my in case of emergence bag it has in it a couple of pads and tampons (for those days :/ ), a spare change of underwear, and some feminine wipes.
  12. Random baggie – this baggy was put together to hold the other random stuff that makes its way into my bag in it I have a nail file, nail clippers, tweezers, small scissors, 3 hair ties (rubber bands), germ-x, Off! bug spray mini and a tide to go pen.
  13. Hair clip – because let’s be honest, I’m from South Texas on a normal day its usually 100 degrees and that’s before the heat index.
  14. Car Keys – because you can’t go anywhere without them.
  15. Sunglasses – because it’s sunny 🌞                    

Well this is the total of what is in my bag… well at least for this week. Who knows what will be thrown in by next week or tomorrow for that matter. I’m pretty much a “hey, I think I’m going to need this so it’s going into the bag” until I realize that it’s too heavy and have to go through it all and pull stuff out.

This has inspired me to maybe do a “What’s in my backpack” edition.  Maybe in time for the start of grad school at the end of August… we’ll see.  Until Next time.



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