Blog Challenge Day # 12

Well shoot… missed a day so today ya’ll will be getting two!

If I won the Lottery

This is a question that everyone I know thinks of.  Not really in a serious manner but in one of those what would you do if … ways.  So what would I do?

  1. Pay off my debts.
  2. Buy a Chevy 1500 truck (I would really love a Ford Shelby Truck, but have you seen how expensive those are!!!!)

2016-Shelby-F-150-SEMA What I would love, 2016-chevrolet-silverado-1500-pickup-truck-mo-design-980x476-01 What I can afford even with the lottery!

3. Pay off my school!

4. Help out my family and friends.

5. Save the rest.  Maybe buy some books!


Until next time!




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